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Cholesterol and Vitamin D

Hello again everyone, so my doctor called me tonight because a recent blood test revealed that my cholesterol is high and my Vitamin D is low. Sorry I don't have the actual numbers yet. Diagnosed with Hashimotos for 9 months now. Could these results be connected to my thyroid problems? Recently had my levothyroxine dosage increased to 88 mcg from 75. I've been suffering with heart palpitations, fatigue, headaches, and just overall feeling crappy almost everyday for the past few weeks. Do not know what my most recent thyroid levels are as she will go over that with me when I see her. But I feel like this hypothyroidism is really kicking my butt. Not sure how my doctor will go about treating these bad results, but just anxious for some relief! Anyone have any insight???

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Raised cholesterol can often be a symptom of being Hypo. Do not start on Statins - blocking cholesterol in your body is not a good thing. Your brain is over 20% cholesterol and hormones need it for good production. Raised cholesterol is not implicated in heart disease and statins do not benefit women. Cholesterol is naturally occuring in the body and for a good reason. Also blocking cholesterol with a statin will also lower your VitD level even more. When the sun shines on your skin it then works with cholesterol to make Vit D.

When treating VitD you will also need Magnesium and VitK2 MK7 as important co-factors. Docs often prescribe 800 iu's which is too little. Ensure you get copies of ALL your test results for another post here.

Am afraid your GP will know little about the info I have posted. If you are worried about heart issues then ask for your Homocysteine to be checked.

Palpitations can be linked to LOW thyroid as well as Low Ferritin - Folate and B12. So hope you had those tested too.

Do not allow your GP to scare you about cholesterol. Read the website of DR MALCOLM KENDRICK - he wrote the book The Cholesterol Con and is well loved on this forum. No such thing as good and bad cholesterol - it is a chemical so cannot be both good and bad !

Let us know how things go 😊😊


Wow excellent information, thank you!

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I read your suggestions with great interest, Marz, as I too am being pressured to go on statins, which I am resisting. Unfortunately, I am allergic to the sun, so have to cover up when I'm out in the sun! I did read the Dr Malcolm Kendrick blog and the only thing that I have a 'slight' reservation about is that it has been written in 2012 and I wonder if what he said then still holds true now... as we learn all the time?

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Yes you are right - that particular Blog was dated 2012. He has been writing a long time in attempt to get the message out. You can buy his books and have a read - or read his current blogs about What Really Causes Heart Disease - all on the same website. He wrote about 18 blogs on the Topic.

Do you have Hashimotos ? I found being in the sun difficult before I was diagnosed and correctly treated. I am now fine which is just as well as I live in Crete ! Still tested low on VitD after a few years of living here - so I do supplement - I also have Crohns - so another reason to supplement.

Happy to answer questions :-)

Over 3500 posts/replies about Cholesterol and Thyroid on this forum - so methinks there is a connection !!


You need to get out in the sun.....

Vitamin D3 can be bought, you can take up to 5000i.u a day safely until your levels reach 90 then ease off to 1000i.u

It's all Thyroid related yes. Cholesterol will come down with correct medication


Thank you for your reply!


Make sure you get the actual blood test results and ranges. Did GP also check ferritin, B12 & folate? Get copies of these test results too & post for advice

Low vitamin D is strongly linked to Hashimoto's.

Very common for GP to just prescribe a maintenance dose of 800iu which is often not enough to improve levels if you have autoimmune diseases. We need or use more. So find out your actual level, it's your right to have copies of your own blood test results.

If under 50nmol/L you may be prescribed 2 x 800iu, but if under 25nmol/L will/should be prescribed a "loading dose".

Before you see GP, perhaps look up your local CCG recommendations for treatment of low vitamin D.

When taking vitamin D supplements it's recommended to also take magnesium. Magnesium may help with palpitations too

Also as you have Hashimoto's have you tried gluten free diet yet? It helps a significant number of us with Hashimoto's


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