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Weight Gain and the Intermittent Fasting Protocol



I had a total thyroidectomy a month or so ago. I was already morbidly obese but had had success in losing 2stone prior to the op. Upon leaving hospital until now, I gained 21lb, seven of which were put on in 1 week after inducing a calorie controlled diet of between 1200-1400 calories a day. I have been on Levo (175mg) and upon badgering my consultant about the weight gain, increased to 200mg for the last 4 days. Tried loads of different supplements (magnesium, selenium, krill, multivits, berocca, liquid iron). Now, some of that may be the reason for the following but thought I would post this, as since last thursday I have also started intermittent fasting. I eat nothing after about 9pm, until 1pm the following day. I don't get hooked up on calorie intake but make sure my body has at least 16 hours where it doesnt have to produce insulin in response to a food intake. Since starting this, the weight gain as stopped and I have actually lost 3lb. I am so so happy, and relieved that I appear to be back in control. I still show several hypo symptoms, ie cold hands, slow heartbeat (down to the high 40's overnight and rarely above 60 during the day at rest), tiredness etc. But at least the weight gain has stopped. I have to see if this is going to be a continuing trend, but my advice given my experience is as follows;

Don't try to fight weight gain with a severe calorie restricted diet, it will make matters worse.

Give intermittent fasting a go and see if it works for you

Take Levo away from all other meds and supplements by at least 3 hours and at the same time each day. With water, not diet sodas, milk or anything else but water.

If you like sparkling mineral water, drink this to remain hydrated and pick a brand with high mineral content, ie San Pellegrino. All mineral waters are not created equal.

Take quality supplements. Try selenium to increase T3 production & absorbtion, if you think you may have iron deficiency, take a liquid iron supplement. I also take magnesium.

Krill oil is better for reducing inflammation than Omega 3 so try this if you are prone to inflammation.

Take a good multivit.

Do not snack

Will keep the board updated on my progress but for now, this seems to be working for me and will hopefully stop the need for me to circumvent the inadequacy of the NHS by ordering in T3 from dubious sources abroad. But never say never....

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A great post Rocketman69. Hope the protocol continues well for you. What do you think is working the best for you? The intermittent fasting or a combination of all things?

Rocketman69 in reply to lc1973

Well, I have been doing most of the other things for a couple of weeks, the only new ones being the liquid iron and the fasting (and the increased levo by 25mg, but can't see that being responsible for such a turn around). There is a guy on youtube called Eric Berg, and he has produced quite a few videos regarding intermittent fasting and a keto diet, and the benefits of this for hypo. I'm not strictly going super low carb but I make sure all my carbs are eaten in that one meal in the late afternoon. I think i'm probably insulin resistant so having that long period in the day where the insulin levels are very low seems to be doing wonders. To be honest, the big difference for me has come from the IF. The weight loss is great and I hope it continues, but the biggest thing for me is the stop of the weight gain and that feeling of being able to actually influence the weight gain issue. I was in such a state last week, even had the other half calling the hospital telling them they had better speak to me before I did something stupid as I was at my wits end. Given my other symptoms, I don't think the additional Levo is the main reason, as my other hypo symptoms are still there, so i'm putting it down to the diet.

lc1973 in reply to Rocketman69

Thanks for the reply. I guess it could just be the I.F but may be a bit of all of it. Yeah...i understand the desperation re the hospital call! i know how that feels!

Well done with the weight loss. I hope it lasts. But...

You shouldn't take iron unless you know you need it, by testing. Too much iron is toxic.

Multivitamins are a waste of time and money. For many reasons, the main one being that you shouldn't just take everything together like that. Some things need to be taken away from others. And, they rarely contain enough of anything to address a real deficiency. Far better to get your vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin tested, and take what you need.

Hi Rocketman69,

I read your post and I found it very interesting.

I have had my thyroidectomy 15 months ago, and my life have changed a lot. I have put up 22lbs even though I play rugby and do crossfit 4/5 times a week. I have tried all diets in the market but nothing seems to work.

I had a rough start with my medication, because I changed doctors 3 times. So during this time I have been Hypo and Hyper, but now I have found one who actually listens, and I now take Levo 137 mg (Sunday I take half). I am less tired but my hands are constantly numb.

I have started IF, and I am seeing some positive results - energy, weight loss, hunger control - but I was wondering how is it going for you after an year.

Kind regards

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