Thyroid, head aches

My husband aged 87, has suffered very bad headaches, now present from waking to going to bed,for four years. Is having treatment for chronic migraine at neurologist dept but no pain meds have had any effect, nor have the six Botox treatments. GP agreed to bloods re possible hypothyroid as he has lots of the symptoms associated low temperature, always cold, balance, chemo and others. I have posted his results in the hope that someone can advise whether there looks to be any connection between his head pains and thyroid function. I have not yet contacted GP to discuss results, as I would like some info. Desperately seeking help!

Serum TSH X-ELV . 0.920mu/L 0.2-5.0

Serum free T4. XaERr. 17.7 Poml/L 12.0-22.0

SerumT3 4424. 1.4 nmol/L 1.3-3.1

Serum sodium level. Xe2q0. 140 mmol/L 133.0 - 146.0

Serum potassium. XE2pz. 4.9 mmol/L 3.5 - 5.3

Serum Creatinine. XE2q5. 100 umol/L 59.0 - 104.0

GFR Calc. Abbrev MDRD. 61mL/ min. Below low reference limit >90.0

HaemoglobinA1c level-IFCC standardised XaPbt. 36mmol/mol


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  • Do you have the ranges for the results? I used to get terrible headaches all of the time, but since switching to NDT they only come back if I'm a little under replaced. I assume that I need a good level of T3 to keep the headaches at bay.

  • My son suffered from chronic migraines until his neurologist prescribed Sibelium. It is only on a named patient basis and only on a private prescription but has been the only thing to work for him. Clemmie

  • Low Iron can often cause headaches - not enough oxygen reaching the brain. Have B12 -Folate - Ferritin and VitD tested and return with the results and ranges so people can help. Start a new post with results .... 😊

  • If you have the reference ranges for your husband's results it would enable us to get a better idea of what is going on.

    The reference ranges will look something like :

    Serum TSH X-ELV . 0.920mu/L (0.5 - 4.5) or something similar.

    You can edit your post by clicking on the v in a little box below your post, click on Edit, making the changes to add the ranges (if you have them), then click on Post.

  • Lancsrc12,

    It looks to me that your husband's thyroid results are euthyroid (normal). TSH 0.920 is low-normal. FT4 17.7 is usually good and if the range is 12-22 it is over mid-range. I can't gues whether FT3 1.4 is good, bad or indifferent without the lab ref range.

  • Thanks for that Clutter, have just posted the ranges.

  • Lancsrc12,

    TSH & FT4 are good but FT3 is low in range. I'm not sure that would cause migraine though and FT3 can be low due to non-thyroidal illness. Is your husband taking thyroid replacement?

    GFR 61 means your husband has mild kidney disease.

    HaemoglobinA1C 36 rules out diabetes.

    Everything else looks fine.

  • Thank you, that's reassuring. H isn't on any thyroid replacement, I'm searching around to find a reason for these persistent chronic headaches. Kidney problem stems, I think, from when he had bladder cancer, just where the ureter entered the bladder and kidney now not functioning well.

  • My father was a doctor as was his brother. They both did manipulations for various things including headaches. I remember my brother having a bad headache and refusing to let father manipulate it; eventually he gave in and the headache was gone very quickly.

    A trapped/pinched nerve or similar can be the cause. These days a good osteopath might be able to help, but do make sure you go to one who is recommended to you.

  • For headache relief, try massaging the soft padding between the thumb and forefinger, everything that's not bone ; ) Do this for at least 2 minutes each hand every day till the headache goes away or is reduced. When the headache comes back, do the routine again. As preventative maintenance, do the massage twice weekly. Mike234

  • I too suffered from chronic daily headache which a neuro said were migraines. I tried Topirimate but it stopped me from sleeping. Then a headache practitioner prescribed 600 mg of magnesium citrate which I take in powder form before bed. I am generally constipated so its laxative effect suits me but it may not suit your husband. I also cut down on wheat. Not sure which it was but my headaches have mostly stopped!!!!!! 😁

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