Strange breathing

Hi! I have underactive thyroid (200mg lexo) and also hashimotos. My last blood test showed my ferritin was high so going to an endo in sept, but I have noticed my breathing is always very shallow and then I have to take a very deep breath. I am sighing a lot To and huffing and puffing. My body aches if I have a busy day at work physically and can end up hobbling after. Any thoughts?

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Have you had B12 tested?

Hi yes I know have b12 injections from my do tot but don't feel any better really.

The body aches might be low vitamin D.

The shallow breathing and breathlessness is a hypothyroid symptom as well as being an indicator of B12 deficiency.

Breathlessness and air hunger are also common symptoms of low iron.

I have quite high ferritin levels at mo. And take vit d 10,000cg. Also have b12 injection at gp

Do you have pernicious anaemia? How often do you have injections? Perhaps you need them more often?

I had 5 over 5 weeks and now 1 every 3 months

Did the 5 over 5 weeks eliminate all your B12 deficiency symptoms? Do you feel well all the way through the 3 months between injections?

If you still have symptoms then your breathing problem is most likely related to your low B12. It isn't necessarily the only problem causing it though.

Have you discussed your B12 problems with the pernicious anaemia society forum? You can find it here :

Hi, what is your ferritin level? Could this be causing your symptoms?

Hi my levels were ferritin 220.5 and don't take iron supplements but my alcohol consumption has increased considerably over the past year due to a divorce, house move and a couple of other stresses in that time.

Before receiving thyroid meds my breathing was very shallow and I became very achey too. Maybe your endo will review them. Good luck! I hope he can help you..stay strong.

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