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Strange Week

Hi all. I have posted a couple of times re a suspected Hashi's flare getting progressively worse resulting in a very rapid pulse and severe anxiety attacks, or so I think. I should get some blood test results tomorrow but for now I am simply dumbfounded by my symptoms.

Shaking/shivering/internal shivering

Waves of goosebumps

Dodgy stomach (gargling, sore, nauseous, gassy)

Switching from hot to cold in minutes (no temp as yet)

Fast heart rate

Palps even when steady and regular


Loss of interest and motivation

Intolerance to noise

Choking 'lump in throat' feeling

Anxiety + suspected attacks X 2

Dry mouth

Inability to sit still/not be fidgeting

Strange thing is these symptoms are all coming and going. There have been periods throughout days where I have felt completely fine but it can change in an instant. I'm a bit achey today for the first time in a couple of weeks.

I also have this terrible feeling of 'doom' and almost irrational anxiety that something is horribly wrong. I reckon I am a bit anaemic (tests next week). I just don't understand all of these overlapping symptoms and why they have suddenly become so unbearable. I don't even know if it is a flare anymore. If so it will have been going on for about 4 weeks now getting gradually worse. My periods have also become erratic, coming much more frequently but not necessarily heavier or anything like that.

I'm so confused and it's making me feel worse. I can't handle the feeling of terror, over sensitivity and emotion. I've been very weepy too and finding it draining to talk out loud about.

Sorry to be a pain posting a lot, I just feel so terrible.

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We have all these sensations if our thyroid hormones are out of whack. The hormones control our emotions as well as everything in our body.

Get a print-out of your blood test results (I usually make a mistake if writing them down) with the ranges and post as it makes it easier to comment.

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Thank you shaws, I had never felt it so intense before and was imagining every awful scenario. I feel a bit better tonight, very fatigued and a strained voice with the strangling feeling. It's horrible.

I think my surgery charge admin for a print out! I normally just write them down, too.


Some surgeries charge a nominal sum. Someone has posted that they were charged an exhorbitant price but mine gives them free.

With all of these varied symptoms and feeling so unwell we cannot understand how the doctors don't know best how to treat. Just as well we have this forum because one or more members have had the same/similar problems.

When you have a blood test get the earliest possible and if you're taking levothyroxine leave about 24 hours between the last dose and the test and take it afterwards.

I don't know if this will be helpful:

I assume that you've had a flare-up of antibodies today attacking your thyroid gland that's made you feel worse earlier.


Thank you shaws. Can flares happen over a matter of weeks as well as having a flare and feeling the effects in the same day? Or does it normally all happen over the course of a few-ish days?

I shall ask my surgery. I think their price is also excessive, though. I wish they did an online check for results.

Yes, I'm so very thankful for this forum!


Yes I believe the antibodies have a mind of their own. Their job is attacking the thyroid gland until it can no longer produce thyroid hormones and you will then be hypothyroid.

There's not been too many responses today but maybe being Sunday.

I've read that many hashi's patients feel better when they go gluten-free.


Thanks shaws. Yes, I've been working on gluten free diet and will hopefully have some light shed on my vits and mins after my next tests on Wed. Fingers crossed. Thank you for your help.

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I have graves hyperthyroid and am now 6 weeks into remission. I have however experienced many of the symptoms you mention above in the last 6 weeks. Am now being investigated for a rare adrenal gland issue that might be responsible. Think it's a pheo something or other that might be the culprit of my symptoms. I have read a few things that link this with the thyroid. At least my endo is on the case and doing the tests. Alex


Hi Alexkjons, I have just looked it up. Let's hope you get an answer on that soon. Not that this would be definitive, but my blood pressure was almost normal. Thanks for your reply though.

I read that it is rare and much more often benign, if this issue is the case for you. Good luck.

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Hi Chloececilia, a few weeks ago you commented on one of my posts to say you could've written it... Well I feel exactly the same reading yours today!

I really wish I knew what the answer is to feeling well again.

I do tend to think it's likely to do with the fact our thyroid glands are being attacked by antibodies, that's the only logic I have!

I'm exactly like you in the sense that my symptoms change hourly but for me evening time is generally worse once I've sat down, I tend to get palpitations and internal shaking. I can go a few days feeling generally ok then it starts all over again. It's like being on a roller coaster and I can't control it.

Some people have suggested adrenals in the past (I

had an NHS cortisol test they revealed my morning cortisol was slightly low but no further action) and often you will read on here people advising you to get the adrenals tested but I'm not sure what the treatment is for adrenals.

Sorry I can't offer any real advice but you have my sympathy and very best wishes and I hope you'll feel better soon xxx


Oh, butterfly I'm sorry you are not getting any let up with this yet. How have your recent TFT's been?

It's honestly horrible and you too have my sympathies as I'm finding it really hard to function, I spent most of the day lying on the bed yesterday and could barely bring myself to speak (so not like me). It's something I haven't felt so intensely before.

I have booked myself in for CBT next week as I need to nip this anxiety in the bud. I believe I have it relating to my health quite severely now. All I can picture is receiving results of something completely disastrous which again is not like me! I phoned for my results this morning and she would not give me them until the doctor called me, my anxiety shot up immediately when in rational reality I know this is just a procedure.

I notice that I am worse first thing in the morning, late afternoon/tea time and then settle down towards the end of the day, so maybe that gives us a clue that the psychological is affecting us physically. That's not to say our thyroid and antibodies are not also out of whack.

Have you been prescribed any beta blockers, butterfly? I must say they do take the edge off and certainly help the heart rate.

I have used Rhodiola Rosea for adrenal support and as an adaptogen in the past but this was before I was diagnosed, it does warn people against taking it who are prone to hyperactivity so I don't know how that will work for Hashi's patients.


I'm waiting for my latest results too but mine have really been all over the place since I was diagnosed last year so I'm just hoping that one day they'll settle down and I will too!

I had CBT last year and I must say it really helped. I know anxiety is horrible to live with. I was always a bit of a worrier but it didn't effect my life. After my second son was born the worrying got very out of hand and I started having panic attacks which led to my diagnosis. The GP thought I was hyper as lots of family members have Graves' disease but it turns out I have hashimotos and was suffering with a very under active thyroid. The anxiety isn't too bad now, it's not my worse symptom but if I have more than a day or two of severe symptoms I still tend to let my thoughts run away with me and catastrophise.

I tried beta blockers and found they did nothing for me really which was a shame as I know they really help others.

Try not to worry about the results, at my surgery some receptionists are happy to give out results and some or not, it's probably just procedure.

Please do post your results when you get them, I'd love to know how you get on but try not to worry in the meantime. Lots of people on this site find out what works for them and get better. I know from all the reading I've done it takes time and it's horrible and frustrating to live with this condition but I've still got hope that this isn't as good as it gets.

Hugs xxx


Thank you butterfly. I'm also a bit of a worrier but no where near this level. I'm glad the CBT helped you which makes me hopeful. I am at a total loss as to whether my levels are hypo or hyper just now as I just can't differentiate. Hopefully I'll know by tomorrow. God knows how I'll get through work!

Thank you for your kind words xxx


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