Strange question i know

Iv put previous posts on here about palpitations and missed heart beats that i get, I have noticed that if i lightly press the very top of my stomach in the middle of my rib cage, this causes the feeling of palpitations. Also i expereince this if i am laid in a certain position like on my side as if i am restricting my heart muscles.

Its very worrying and i wondered if anyone else had expereinced this and what was the cause of it.


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  • That is the position of your aorta.

  • Just a suggestion - but do some reading on "vagal nerve damage and the heart", and also look up "vagal maneuvers". I was looking for possible reasons for my own heart problems and came across this.

  • I will do..thanks

  • I get it too. Worst of all if I lie flat on my left side, better on my right side and better if I lie propped up by pillow. - I get it when my levels are too high (T3) and if I drink alcohol

  • Thanks...horrible dont you t3 was ok last time, had bloods donelast week and waiting for results.

  • Agree its horrible, frightening really. Do you get a loud pulse in your ear too?

  • No...but i get a pain that goes to my shoulders, but no chest pain

  • I have this, more so in the evening, it comes and goes, it's more likely that you r having a autoimmune flair. If it's everyday all day speak to the gp. X

  • I dont know if its a similar thing ,but i get rapid heart beats(arrhythmia)when i lie down,(before i fall sleep )only on my right side.i always wondered why this is;(only had it in recent yrs).

  • Oh yes, I get this and especially if have constipation and need to 'push'! I also get sort of flutters when lie on my left side, it does worry me and I don't sleep so deeply as I am worried on an unconscious level not to lie on left side. I went through a patch where I had to sleep propped up otherwise I would get palpitations but they slowly went and I can lie flat now. I wake up in the morning stiff as a board. So glad others get it not just me, just reassuring I am not abnormal. Never had this before levothyroxine.

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