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Strange breathing. Thyroid related?

I know we all try to blame everything on our thyroid glands but I have to admit, most of my problems have disappeared since (except the weight gain).

I did another long distance flight on Monday and the next day woke up not being able to breathe ie I was really struggling for breath and there was a strange crackling sound in the upper part of my chest while I was trying to breathe. The sound was loud and could be heard by others in the room.

My daughters wanted to call an ambulance but I knew I would be okay although at the same time I thought I was having a heart attack....there was no pain however.

In the end I got an emergency appointment with my GP who listened to my heart and lungs, did an oxygen test and said all was well. This was yesterday. I am now worried that I developed a DVT and the clot had gone to my lungs. However, how come the doctor just dismissed it all once he knew everything was well with heart and lungs etc.?

Could this be another anomaly of hypothyroidism ie that I had developed an asthma attack even though I have never suffered with them. Was the asthma brought on by my thyroid problems. I have been okay eveer since but really scared also. I used to suffer badly with panic attacks and this wasnt like that. Also, if it was one in another form I dont think I can bear living my life in fear again.

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I wonder if perhaps you were affected by the air conditioning system on the plane. I always used to find them very dehydrating and would often find I had a sore throat for a few days after flying. Also, if there were any fungal spores on in the system, or carried by another passenger, you would have inhaled them. If you're ok now, whatever the problem was has probably cleared itself from your lungs now.



We'll I suddenly got asthma out the blue- mostly exercise induced-and it improved greatly once my overall heath improved. I can't tell you whether it was thyroid or adrenal related though I'm afraid.

I guess if things run slow when ones hypothyroid and or hypo adrenal, then breathing can be included in that..... :0)


A second opinion from another doctor may be helpful. A clot that travelled to the lungs would be life threatening so if you are even suspecting this, go back and get it checked again, there's no reason not to. Good luck Numberone 1

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I agree with rosetrees. My mum-in-law used to get the same symptoms after every flight, sometimes leading to quite a chest infection.



I have suffered with breathing issues (Not had the crackling sound though) and for me it was a combination of Thyroid & Adrenal Fatigue. I had it throughout the day & Night ( in the night I would wake up gasping for breath) When I started taking Adrenal Support & T3 t it eased and now (because i am still on a tiny dose of T3) I get the breathing Issues in the evening when I am worn out but other than that Its much better and i am sure when I am on a proper dose of T3 I won't get those problems anymore.

It is very frightening, I am sorry you didn't get any support from your GP - They are good at dismissing us

Best wishes



I think it unlikely that you have had a pulmonary embolis as they take some time to break down and your oxygen level would still be reduced and you state that your GP checked this. The noisy breathing is much more indicative of fluid in the lungs most likely secretions (phlegm) which often can pool in the lungs with the pressure changes involved in airplane travel. If you have a goitre which is pressing on your windpipe and you were lying flat sleeping after your flight this would exacerbate the pooling of secretions giving rise to noisy breathing. Sitting up and moving would aid dispersal and ease breathing. There is a small chance that the fluid could be caused by problems from your heart but again if this was so I would expect you to have some residual symptoms that would have been picked up by your GP ie reduced oxygen levels and abnormal breathe sounds as he/she listened to your chest.

I hope this helps and that you continue to improve, if something similar happens again especially if not connected to long distance travel, I would suggest you return to your GP as 2 episodes are more clinically significant than a one off.

Take care.


sounds like stridor caused by restriction of your windpipe posibly by a enlarged goitre pressing on it- i had the same continuosly before tt plus i too am asthmatic and it is a totally different feeling to that- i also used to wake up choking in the night and needed 5 pillows to sleep eventually and a total tt - i too was fobbed off for years by gps until i demanded a ct scan of my chest/thorax and thyoid when a huge substernal thyroid was found

please dont let it get this far, ask for further tests x


oh my, I am having similar problems with my breathing. It feels like a band is tightening under my bra, bra not too tight, but this started AFTER I quit smoking! No flights or anything, am recovering from shingles, went to doc, she listened to lungs, said they were clear, but then gave me a pump for asthma which I have never been diagnosed with! You can not make this sh** up! FED UP!

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