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Getting optimal on a combination dose

Getting optimal on a combination dose

I'd be interested in the views of the very well informed on here. I've been self-medicating with Cynomel which I have been getting month to month by traipsing around pharmacies (in France where I live) and providing a "sob story". This was always a short term measure, 1. to see if I did better on it and 2. and because my GP was unwilling to support me. However, I knew I had to be more in control, so I saw a very expensive consultant in the UK to try to obtain a prescription but he didn't accept I was a bad converter and said I would be fine on mono therapy. Once I was into my third month on a combination of Levo and Cynomel, after a colonoscopy and endoscopy which confirmed gastritis, and a serious change of diet, I knew I couldn't go back to just Levo. So I booked an appointment with an endo here in France. I picked a largish city and chose the one who could give me the earliest appointment. (I found that the popular endos, or the ones with a good reputation were so booked up they were not taking on new patients.) I was single minded. As a paying client I knew that to some extent she would not want me to be totally disappointed. So I put it on the line...I had got some cynomel from a "friend", had been using it with Levo for several months, many of my symptoms had gone or become slight, my digestion had improved and I had lost weight and I wanted to continue with it. She duly did a cursory examination, took down all my results, wrote a 6 month prescription for cynomel and gave me a prescription for two blood tests, one straight away and one in 6 weeks ! It only cost me 65 euros ! The bit I need advice on is whether I change my dosage again.

Hopefully the screenshot shows how my levels have changed since April when I started the Cynomel (in April it was a quarter of a 25 mg pill and a reduction of levy from 150 to 125 mg). The latest results reflect the 112.5 mg T4 + 12.5 mg T3 that I have been taking since May. I think I might be optimal on 18.75 mg T3 with a small drop in T4 to 100 mg. Would my blood results support that ? I'm assuming the TSH value is pretty irrelevant. I'm taking one 5000 micrograms of sublingual B12 a week as a maintenance dose, stopped Vit D in April, and eating liver once to twice a week as well as taking a B complex...oh and trying the SIBO elimination diet at least for now. But do feel a lot lot better...thanks to the advice I followed on here !

Thanks all

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If you are still symptomatic there is scope to increase T3 dose. FT4 isn't top of range so I don't think there is any need to reduce dose.

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