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Hi there ,

Please can someone offer me some advice as I would really appreciate it . I took a black out feinting episode on Thursday and been feeling totally wiped out lately and dizzy . I saw my consultant two weeks ago who had now put me on 100mg of levothyroxine and 75mg alternate days and I have had the following results .

T4 17.3. Range 12-22

TSH. 0.02 Range 0.27-4.2

B12 343 range 107-771

Folate 3 range 3.9- 26.8

Many thanks much appreciated

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TSH is low and T4 is just over halfway through range so you appear to be adequately dosed on 75/100mcg Levothyroxine.

B12 is probably fine but if you are having symptoms described in go to for advice.

Folate is deficient. My GP prescribed 5mg folic acid for a couple of months to correct deficiency.

Hi Clutter ,

Thanks so much for your kind reply I really appreciate it . I am only on 75/100mg alternate days since two Saturdays ago and will be changing to 100 mg at the end of the month every day . My consultant said he didn't want to give me B12 or folate tabs until two months time to see how the 100 mg works ! I am so tired breathless dizzy forgetful blurred vision . I am seeing my GP tomorrow hopefully he will test iron profile and saturation . MCH or MCv is 81.1 range 83-101 .

Thank you :)


There is no need to wait 2 months to treat folate deficiency. Taking folic acid won't interfere with your Levothyroxine therapy as long as you take it 2 hours away from Levothyroxine. Your consultant is wrong to delay treating the folate deficiency. B12 won't work without adequate folate. Ask your GP to prescribe folic acid.

Low MCV and MCH indicate iron deficiency anaemia which is probably causing your fatigue, breathlesssness and dizziness.

Thanks Clutter ,

I did try taking Folate for two days though I thought it gave me chest tightness and breathless so I stopped taking it and that was end of June it's prob lower by now . Do u think I should persevere with the folic acid before taking B12 ?

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You don't need to take B12 but you do need folic acid or methylfolate to raise folate. 5mg folic acid is only available via prescription.

Sorry Clutter for all the questions - did u have symptoms with taking folic acid and is methofolate easier to take ? The breathlessness is worse now so maybe it wasn't causing it I'm not sure . I just know I'm so tired have pins and needles sore soles of feet dizziness and brain fog .

Thanks as always Clutter :)


I didn't have any adverse effects taking folic acid but another member found it upset his stomach. You could try a different make or try methylfolate to see if you tolerate them better.

The symptoms of anemia that occur due to folate deficiency include:

persistent fatigue.



pale skin.

shortness of breath.


Folate Deficiency: Causes, Symptoms, and Diagnosis - Healthline

Pins and needles can be a symptom of B12 deficiency but may also be due to folate deficiency preventing transport of B12.

Thanks so much Clutter I will ask my doctor for diffferebt brand of Folate and start taking that before I even think of B12 and hopefully that helps as I have all those symptoms you stated .

Thanks again

Angie :)

Hi Clutter ,

I just wanted to let you know I went to casualty today as felt worse and have pleurisy not sure how long that lasts for hopefully a few days and he said folate too low . I had lots of blood tests done .

Thanks :)

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