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grotty day on thyroid s

Fed up with medications not agreeing with me. Just started thyroid s today and feel so bad I was worried in case Id been poisoned. I really hoped it would be a good substitute for armour which didnt make me feel great but a least I lost weight on it. Armour got too expensive for me, syntheroid made me feel better but I couldn't stop eating on it and gained loads of weight. I have been on thyrogold for quite a while but not feeling well and not losing weight. I am taking 2.5 mg of pregnisalone and one nutri adrenal extra loads of vit c and d, ferrous sulphate, ashwangana. I feel like I have wasted so much money trying to get well.

Any suggestions.

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How much Thyroid S did you take?

Sorry you're feeling so grotty x


I took 2 grains. I was on 300mg thyrogold. I think it was a slight increase. They are a lot stronger I think.


Not sure. I found a post where Shaws said that 150 mg may be “similar in effect” to 1 1/4 grain but that was only some people's opinion. So if that was close to being right, 300mg was more like 2 and a half grains, so you've had a dose reduction. Maybe that's got something to do with it?


I dont think a day with less would make me fill ill. I have been skipping taking the thyrogold some times and actually feel better without it. I am almost at a point of giving up trying to treat my thyroid and going back on anti deppressants.


My husband swapped 350mcg thyroxine for 5 grains of Armour

My daughter takes 5 grains thyroid -s

Her daughters take 2 or 3 grains of thyroid-s

There must be a reason why your having trouble with armour or thyroid-s


I was first told it was lack of iron and vit d but that is sorted. I suppose it could still be undertreated adrenals. Dr P told me to increase adrenal extra to 3 or 4 over time. I last week started with 1.


In addition to the very helpful comments from others here. Your reaction may also be due to all the added ingredients in Thyroid S e.g. binders fillers preservatives etc. There are many. Have you thought of trying Thailand's 'Thiroyd'? It unfortunately too has added ingredients but less by the looks of the ingredients list, so it may be suit your body better? I know from my own personal experience it can take a while to find a brand that suits your body as we're all different and there's no one brand that suits everyone. Make sure you're taking adequate selenium for the T4 to T3 conversion, otherwise a build of excess T4 will also make you feel unwell. Good luck. It's a frustrating slow process all of this, I know only too well. Still on the same road myself. Grrrrrr.


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