Armour vs Thyroid-S

With Thyroid -S being approx 1/5 the cost of Armour, and the increasing difficulty in obtaining Armour, I'm thinking of changing the Thyroid-s.

Has anyone any experience of changing from Armour to Thyroid-s?

I have asked before about changing form one make of NDT to another and comments posted suggested few problems switching.

Country of origin (Thailand) and cheap price just makes me wonder...probably quite unfairly!

Is Thyroid-S of porcine origin and does it have the same amount and ratios of T3 and 4?

As always, any advice gratefully received.

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  • I've just bought some Thyroid-S but it only came 2 days ago so I can't yet report on how well it works.

    I was previously on Armour until it was reformulated and didn't work for me, then ERFA until that too was messed around with, and am trying the Thyroid-S as my next option.

  • Lots of us on here use Thyroid-S. Was on Armour, went off it through endo messing, back on Armour - body didn't like it, absolutely no problems with Thyroid-S. In fact, I reckon it's superior, and the manufacturers say it has the same assay as all the other NDTs that are prescribable in the USA. Same content, same quality. I was suspicious too, but just goes to show that we are SO programmed to think that the more you pay ...

    It's fine, don't worry.

  • Hello Schenks could you please private message me with links to buying Thyroyd S please. Many thanks Marmaris

  • Hi Schenks, Me too, please - thanks. foxglove

  • <online source> £55 for 1000 tabs! Way cheaper than Armour.


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  • <online shop> £35 +£3.99 p.& p 1000tablets - even cheaper than <another online source>

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  • Gosh that's cheap can you message me where. Thanks Pam

  • Great. Thanks for the replies. I shall order some today and start saving money over the cost of Armour.


  • That's the only place I know of just now, folksies. Want me to pm you?

  • <online source> £35 +£3.99 shipping

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  • Blimey! <online shop>

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  • S'ok - <online source>. That's new to me.

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  • I've looked on <online source> and don't see it anywhere, all I see are "supplements" masking themselves as NDT. If you find it, please link me to it. Thanks.

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  • Hi Schenks can you pm me too.

    Thanks Angela x

  • Am on to it, folks. will pm you as soon as I get a reply from the supplier.

  • hello can anyone pass one me the weblink to buy thryoid-s please please

  • Does anyone know if Thai thyroid (Thyroid-S/Thiroyd) is avaiable from an online pharmacy in the EU, to avoid problems with customs?

  • I am sorry to ask a question that has probably been asked before, but has anyone tried both Thyroid-S and Thiroyd, and is able to compare the two...? Some seem to do fine on both, while others do better on far, I have not found one single person who did well on Thyroid-S, but not on Thiroyd, so I have to assume that either you do well on both, or on Thiroyd only...?

    I personally like the fact that Thyroid-S has this sustained-release component (Eudragit?), but maybe it's not as great as it sounds...?

    I have no idea, I'm just speculating but, if Thyroid-S contains more fillers and binders, is it possible that you have to take more of it to get the same effect...?

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