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Cassie 101


Hi every1 i have been having a problem with my thyroid for a while now bt jst recently i have been getting a burning sensation all ova my body feeling really weak joint pain they put me on levo bt it made me feel a hole lot worse now they took me of been of it for bout 6 weeks and still feel bad they done my blood my tsh come bk normal bt i have high antibodies really dont no wht to do now been getting breathing difficulties and have a goitre and 2 nogles in my neck vision keeps going blured and feel dizzy most of the time also feel like im hoing to pass out iv had my vitamin d checked and thats fine as r all the rest of the test really feel like graverty is pulling me down feel like my brain cart function to ???? Any help would be nice ...

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Could you try switching to natural Thyroid? Some people react badly to fillers in the Levo... and do post your blood results (with ranges) here for better feedback. Are you seeing an Endo doc?

Cassie101 in reply to Rusty64

Wht is the natral thyroid ??and iv got a appointment this week i will let u no what they say.... THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR REPLYING

Rusty64 in reply to Cassie101

Just search natural Dessicated Thyroid on this site and do some reading!! There is a wealth of info here and you need to be armed with that wisdom BEFORE your Drs visit. It often better tolerated but can sometimes be a challeng to get your GP to prescribe. But your high antibodies (you haven't posted your results with ranges yet) indicates you could have Hashimotos. But do search on this site for both "goiter" and "nodules" and again do some reading. You will be much better equipped to face the dr when you have this info ahead of your visit.

Above is a typical post, and you can then see "related posts" to read further

Again another post discussing nodules above.

Make sure when you have bloodwork make sure to fast for 24 hours before and leave any thyroid meds till after test. I wish I could be more helpful but there is too much info lacking in your post. Best of luck with your Drs visit and post back with details about the outcome as well as what is happening with respect to the nodules and goiter.

Cassie101 in reply to Rusty64

Thyroglobuli n Anti body * 402.2 0-115

Thyroid Peroxidase * 430.9 0- 34

These r the reasults of my thyroid antibodies ... i dont understand how to even read these...

Thank you..

Rusty64 in reply to Cassie101

It's showing you are very high (over range) for Thyro antibody at 402.2 ... when the range should be 0-115... and thy peroxide is also high at 430.9 when the range should be 0-34! Again: are you seeing an Endo or just a GP? Please read some of these links to understand what Hashimotos is as well as your issues with goiter etc.

What are your white cell count levels at? B12? Ferritin? I also had a thyroid attack prior to being diagnosed with extreme dizziness, weakness etc. if your GP is not addressing your immediate symptoms can you go to emergency for faster treatment or referral?

Cassie101 in reply to Rusty64

Iv been to a&e loads of times and all they say is they cant help me iv also had muscle spasms and cramps.... alson get a heat run from my feet to my head then feel like im going to have a heart attack..... these r my other tests free t4 12.8 Pmol (10.1-30.2)

Thyroid stimulating 1.330 mlu/l (0.47-4.68)....

Cassie101 in reply to Cassie101

What is a thyroid attact and what did they give you for that ??

I got diagnosed as Hypothyroid with Hashimotos. And started with natural Dessicated Thyroid. You need to ask for a referral to see an Endocrinologist to help you further OK. Have you ever tried eliminating glutin? Lots of Hashi's have glutin intolerances. Try a new post with your ALL your levels (and ranges) clearly noted LINE by Line (easier to read). Ask for help understanding how to interpret the results and keep it simple. You may be less likely to get a response with a massive explanation to read thru 😉Hopefully the senior members will chime in to help you further. Best of luck!

I suspect from your symptoms that you could be seriously short of nutrients. The ones that almost all of us have problems with are :


Vitamin B12


Vitamin D

Feeling as if every muscle in my body was burning was something I suffered from. In my case the issue was severely low iron and ferritin.

Ask your doctor to test the things I've listed, but instead of mentioning iron/ferritin ask for an iron panel, which includes both iron and ferritin and a couple of other things). If you can get haemoglobin as well that would be brilliant.

If your doctor won't agree to test, then if you can afford it you can get tests done privately without involving a doctor. Private testing can be done with either finger-prick testing or with a blood sample from a vein. If you were to opt for the blood sample from a vein you would either have to pay someone to take blood for you or perhaps you have a relative, friend or colleague who could do it for you.

Cassie101 in reply to humanbean

Thank you so much i feel like i cant do anything my body is so weak... and my breathing is bad to... iv got a appointment 2mora with a endo i hope they do something.

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