Lichen planus and thyroid

Hi folks

Just needing a bit of help i had a tongue biopsy done on Monday and on doing research i gather its related to Thyroid another auto immune disease. But of course i have been reading stuff on the net and have got myself into a sheer state of panic.

The Doc said he reckons its nothing nasty and i got a letter through today saying i need to see the consultant again for my results in 7 weeks on the 1 July.

I think thats far to long to wait do you guys think i should push for earlier appointment or am i just panicking to much.

Any advice greatly appreciated



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  • Dotti, I can only tell you from my own experience with regard to lichen planus and thyroid. I've had lichen planus for over 20yrs and thyroid issues for nearly 30yrs. I know my dentist checks the lichen planus regularly. From time to time it does tend to flare up and get sore but then settles down again but never goes away. I have to say I've never experienced a biopsy so cannot advise. Hopefully you will soon get peace of mind. Regards, 'M'

  • Thanks M

    Dotti x

  • No need.

    Just make sure once you have seen the specialist you go to your dentist not doctor regularly for a check up. They are trained to keep an eye on mouth conditions plus have the right equipment to do so.

    Also you are lucky your doctor knows what it is. Most doctors don't have a clue on mouth conditions and leave people suffering.

  • I've had lichen planus for about 14yrs, and I'm hypothyroid for 5yrs. I tend to get mouth flare ups now, known as Wickhams Straite, dentist looks out for it now.

    My leg was terrible for lichen, nhs told me off as I was on holiday in Australia and paid for a skin test.... 'They could have done it'.... So why didn't they after years of asking.

  • Hi Sjep, if NHS don't do it, they won't find it and do not have to treat it. I have also got Lichen planus.

  • Sorry should have said consultant that did biopsy reckons its nothing nasty, my own doctor wouldnt have a clue he is hopeless. Yes it was my dentist that sent me on to the Maxillofacial dept.

    Thanks everyone for your replies



  • I was diagnosed with OLP 3 years ago, been hypo for 12 years. I sympathise as I went through a similar process and I know the waiting is very stressful. Have you had your Vitamin D levels checked? Mine were very low and I wonder if that triggered it, I still have LP but it is much improved from when it first appeared.


  • I was supplementing with vit d as i was low but for some daft reason didnt bother to buy anymore when i ran out my own i will be purchasing some more today.

    Thanks Lucy



  • I have been hypo for many years, but it got worse three years ago. I had a bad attack of shingles, and lichen planus started up on the roof of my mouth. I was scared rigid it was cancer. My dentist assured me it wasnt, so did my then GP who lectured student doctors on cancer at the uni. He sent me for a punch biopsy, which was horrible. I got a working diagnosis of lichen planus and eventually a referral to the dental hospital where I was told that it was definitely lichen planus, but more typical of that found on the body. In fact they took pics of it and had students peering diwn my mouth. He wouldnt give me preds for it because of my low thyroid. I have noticed it gets worse with stress, also when my thyroid has a blip. Its affected by acidic foods, some coffee and chocolate and some alcohol. My dentist monitors it. Sometimes it goes completely, sometimes its full-on and very painful. I have had it on my lips too and now think I have it behind my right knee. 😕

  • I dont know whether vits and minerals affect it. I know all my levels were down about 8 months ago before I started taking T3.

  • Thanks MrsRaven

    Its a horrible thing to have i have noticed that toothpaste aggrivates it and spicy food

    which i love.

    I just wish i had my results to put my mind at rest.



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