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Mexican T3... may have lost my money?

So, I have known about two Mexican companies who supply T3 for a while, I saw them recommended on a different site a while ago. I planned on picking one when I was close to running out of the Greek stuff.

I picked one and placed my order last week. Since then I have seen a scam warning for that company. Further digging has shown up more glowing reviews for the one I didnt choose. Sods law.

Recently I've heard of another Mexican place that I know people on here use, but its more than twice the price of the other two.

Have I lost my money?

And is the company selling cynomel (100) for $11.65 legit? They are meant to be fast? and are recommended.

If so, how can the other place justify $82 for 300?

Whatever the answers, what is the quickest route to T3? I'm running out. Greece was pretty quick, but I think they are still having problems.

Hope this is cryptic enough :P




Order arrived this morning, 8 days after sending the money (on the 16th). How quick is that!?!

Everything looks legit, but have a look at the photo and see if it at least looks like what you get.

(Obv. if it was made of talc they would make an effort to package it authentically, but someone said somewhere that its not worth it to fake T3 as it's cheap to make anyway).

I always think you get what you pay for... But maybe cheap is ok after all.

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Updated original post.

What do you all think? I'm not gonna die if I take this am I?? :D


Looks like the Grossman Cynomel bottle the Mexican site I'm aware of uses. How much was the p&p? $11.65 is incredibly cheap. Are you in the UK? 8 days Mexico to UK would be incredible.

Where I got it from its $11.50 plus 14.2% tax = $13.13 each. P&P is $17.50 (very well packaged as well, bubble wrapped, in a jiffy bag, inside a box).

And there's a 10% off code on the site.

I'm in the UK, yeah.

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Forgive me for being ignorant but how many pills did you buy and how much in GBP did you pay in total inc P&P? ... The Greek route has gone south ... Still waiting on an order I placed on the 28th May .. I'm running dangerously low now and need to consider another option .. Is it possible to inbox me the details of the most reliable Mexican supplier please?

I'm glad you have received your order. Please avoid ordering Greek T3: healthunlocked.com/thyroidu...

That bottle looks like the Mexican Cynomel that I buy. The tablets themselves are like flat discs with a score across the middle on one side only. The lot number of my tablets bought a couple of months ago is 188605 with an expiry date of ENE 19(presumably a month in 2019). I take mine by dissolving under the tongue, they have no taste just slightly gritty in texture but mine work very well for me as I am a T3 only person. When we bought them from a site we have used for many years, they cost about £21 per bottle of 100 tablets including P&P but we did buy 6 bottles.

Hope this helps,


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Helps a lot, thanks :)

Mine are lot no 188606 exp feb 19.

I'm pretty sure they are ok.

I've obviously bought from the same source as heathermr so will also vouch for it looking the same.

Ninjacaz would you be so kind as to PM me your source? Thanking you kindly :)

I've only tried a quarter of a pill so far to see the reaction... I may be imagining it but I feel a bit sort of spaced out.. almost dizzy but not quite. May be coinsidence? Or is it normal to have an adjustment period with a new brand?

It could be that Cynomel is full strength and what you were taking before was not. I don't like to malign medication that others have found success with, but my experience of the Greek brand was that it did nothing at all and I went downhill rapidly. That could explain your reaction.

Ninja ... PLEASE read the PM's I have sent you!

Sorry, I havent been able to get online for a few days, hence the delay.

I've since tried more of the Mexican T3, with no further reaction. My problem now is, I dont think it's working the same! I've been using half Greek and half Mexican and my temperature is lower than usual, and heart rate not quite up to normal.

Yeah pretty sure it isn't working for me :(. May have to try Tiromel.

can you please pm a legit site that i can also source Mexican T3 please as there are too many and i do not want to get scammed or ill from dodgy fakes. Many thanks


Please Write your own post asking for sources to be sent to you via private messages. Members are more inclined to share sources with new members who include some background about their illness such as how long they’ve been diagnosed, recent thyroid results and ranges, and current thyroid medication.

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