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I have my sympathetic T3 prescriber Endocrinologist soon any advice please,

I have my Endocrinologist appointment coming uo very soon, I have more hope on getting T3 now with recent news on Liothronine..

I had ordered T3 on line which arrived a while back I did a weeks trial on it and felt much better brain fog lifted much more energy etc but I stopped it as I knew had Endo appointment soon and he is a prescriber it but am worried that my Endo will not want to treat me if I have self medicated.. I wasn't sure how long the T3 stayed in system?

Also if anyone has advice to give me to get the Endocrinologist to prescribe me T3 i will be eternally greatful....

I am taking List of over 30 hypo symptoms i have wgot .. I have had part thyroidectomy over 25 yrs ago and i did have iodine before the op..

I also have a few in family that have thyroid problems so I think I have the right criteria for getting trial of T3 ..

it appears I have not got Hashmitos as no anti bodies ! although now confused to what type of thyroid I do have as only thought there was one type ?

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If your Endocrinologist is knowledgeable and sympathetic he may prescribe T3. We have had many members phone to say that their Endos have withdrawn their T3.

So it is a matter of luck. However if you've been taking T3 and he does a blood test it may show your T3 is high in the level. So you are right to avoid taking T3 until the blood test.

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Shows, I cant believe they have stopped peoples T3 and you see and here so many getting life back on T3, I myself couldn't believe I actually had energy, I walked my dogs and cleaned the whole house on T3 added I then went on and managed to go out for dinner later. these are all things I could of only done one of the tasks, clean one room or walk the dogs, or go out for dinner, i could of only managed one of these a day and had to go back to bed as i ached and felt so worn out... I could not believe how much i was doing and really it's only half of what i used to do daily before i became Hypo, i felt much happier in my mood, i could think straight, so to take this away from people they will go back to feeling like sloths again,, it really is very cruel.. I think many more would feel better on T3 but just don't know it exists and told same as most of us, its your age , then the your depressed ( well of course people are unhappy as they feel absolutely dreadful it isn't something to jump with joy over is it all the aches pains getting fat, ) but tbh thats not so much depression as is more frustrating as who ever is hypo not doing well on Levo they are suffering big time... I do hope the campaign has made others realise their are other drugs available if they do not do well on Levothyroxine.. I am at the stage of thinking after talking to other who are Hypo that the one for all drug hardly suits anyone, 6 of my mates are hypo and they all feel sluggish well hypo and ache.. I think they have got it the wrong way round and that T3 suits most and very few do well on Levothyroxine alone.. trying to palm us off on cheap generic drugs and not caring how many still feel ill .. its very wrong in this day and age ....they should bring back NDT it is way cheaper than T3..but no Drs these days are not taught how to use it and the Thyroid that runs our body is just not cared about even though if it is slightly off we do not feel very well... I have little faith in the NHS these days, as I had little faith when it took them years to diagnose I was very very hyperthyroid and i ended up having to stay in hospital about 2 weeks whilst they stabilised me,i had been going to GP weekly saying i really was not well I was prescribed lots of antibiotics and iron tablets and told i was anaemic, never dd they test my pulse even though I told them it was over 180 per min , they said you must be reading an echo mmm ? My eyes were poking out on stalks, I had a tremor in my hand where i was unable to even light my cigarette i was blowing the match out by how bad my shakes were, i couldn't pick up a drink i had to use a straw as i had no contents of drink left if i picked it up,,, how they didn't know by my eyes is beyond me ! unbelievable ,, I think they and may people thought i had a bad drug habit and I hadn't even touched them it was bad getting treated for hyper and it seems just as bad for Hypo , the thing is they sorted the Hyper but they have left me Hypo! and reading all thing lately it is happening to most people !


The British Thyroid Association has made False Statements about NDT.

Rumours abounded about it and I believe it wasn't coming from the patients.

Considering it was the very original given in 1892 and it saved thousands of lives of people who would have died of myxedema coma.

So doctors were banned from prescribing it through lies/rumours being made.

Big Pharma knew the possibility of making lots of money from hypothyroidism and I'd like to know how much the NHS pays for blood tests and 'additional' prescriptions for those on levo alone or those clearly hypo but undiagnosed due to the TSH. In UK to be diagnosed it has to reach 10. What brain came up with this number when other countries diagnose when it is 3+.

Lots of doctors lost or were threatened with loss of their licences by prescribing NDT and it was the only replacement at the time they were trained. They also knew how good patients felts upon it. Two of the remaining doctors were penalised for prescribing upon clinical symptoms and believed patients who said they were worse on levo so offered alternatives. Other doctors would not prescribe if it meant the possibility of losing their livelihood.

Developed in 1892 and in use up until Big Pharma's introduction of Levo (I believe in the 60's) (along with blood tests) and gradually the switch was made until levo was the only thing to be prescribed.

Many seem to be o.k. on it but many more must have 'additional' prescripts to try to control the remaining symptoms. Never pain-free or feeling 'normal health'.

A lot of changes can be made with 'smoke and mirrors' and some of our members have been treated dreadfully. Are offered anti-depressants to keep them from coming too often into the surgery wondering why they feel worse than before diagnosis. Remain undiagnosed but have disabling symptoms. Probably thought of as a nuisance because they want the doctor to answer why they are not improving. Thousands are told they are 'normal' (because result is 'somewhere' in the range). They don't feel normal.

The doctor who wrote the following Rebuttal to the BTA and RCoP was also an Adviser to Thyroiduk.org.uk and despite three yearly reminders to them for a response they never did before his untimely death. He also stated that it was through 'monetary rewards and corruption' that the change from NDT to levothyroxine was gradually made.



Well, you obviously have Primary hypo of some sort, or you wouldn't have got diagnosed. But, the odds of your finding out what caused it, are pretty low. In any case, the treatment is always the same : thyroid hormone replacement.

The fact that on your test you didn't have high antibodies, doesn't mean you don't have Hashi's. Some Hashi's sufferers never develop high antibodies. They are diagnosed by ultrasound.

The right criteria for being prescribed T3 is nothing to do with family history. It's usually a question of how well you convert T4 to T3. Do you have a copy of your latest labs? Was your FT3 tested?

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Hi grey goose, All my recent Lab tests I have posted on here. I had part thyroidectomy about 34 years ago for graves, my diet has never been good and I have been dieting on and off since I was diagnosed Hypo, to be honest my eating habits have never been good,, I was about to be given a trial of T3 when that banned list came along so was sent for bloods and by the time they came back the list had been published and my gynaecologist GP at my surgery said she was not allowed to prescribe it because of cost, my TSH is suppressed with normal T3 T4 . I have never tbh been well on Levothyroxine but always palmed off with its your age, hormones then nearly fybromegelia which I told Dr it isn't that as they have sensitive reflex, i have no reflex in my knees at all which was found out by a physiotherapist...very low body temprature to where i was freezing, but bit better since Ive taken all vitamins people suggested but I still only able to cope with say cleaning one room then i have no energy days i just cant get out of bed.. the bit of time i took T3 i had much more normal days where I coped with most of the day which was a rarity < So i really hope they give it or i will just self medicate :)

I did have oral Iodine years ago as well but after a while i had a bad reaction to it.

After having the part thyroidectomy the Professor who operated told me I would go Hypo when i was about 40yrs old Well he was spot on with that as when I hit 40is when i got diagnosed as Hypo and i have never felt well since as I said they never said any of symptoms were hypo in any of the times I went to visit GP about aches being cold all aching , I didn't even think it could be the Levothyroxine as didn't know anything about the hypo I just believed the GPs , I also never had the internet those days I wish I had known years ago their was other things available. I do feel i have missed 14 years off my later life, as well as about 6-8yrs me my pulse at 180per minute no one believing i was ill before diagnosed with Hyper ruining the teenage years on my life, I do feel they should give me T3 as been left to suffer for many years .. thanks for help :)



OK, so I was wrong, you do know why you are hypo : you had a partial thyroidectomy. And, you had a partial thyroidectomy because you had Grave's, which is an autoimmune disease. So, I don't understand your question :

'it appears I have not got Hashmitos as no anti bodies ! although now confused to what type of thyroid I do have as only thought there was one type ?'

Isn't it obvious?

'I do feel they should give me T3 as been left to suffer for many years'

Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that! Medicine has nothing to do with justice. If it did, lord knows what they would owe me! I've had hypo/Hashi's symptoms since I was about 8 years old. I finally got diagnosed at 55. That was the first time anyone ever thought about testing my thyroid!


I'm sorry you had such a struggle along with so many.


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