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T3 Lost in the Post?

I wonder if anyone else is having problems receiving their T3 in the post.

I ordered T3 on 21st February from Cyprus. Tracking shows it left Athens and "send item abroad" but no recording of it arriving in the UK. I have been in touch with supplier who tells me that this is happening all the time with UK Mail. They don't register the item for tracking. However, usually the order is received by customer.

It has been 9 days and it has not arrived. I have spoken with the Post Office and there is nothing on their records to show that it arrived in the UK nor is it in their mailing office.

I have emailed the supplier and asked them to either send me another package or refund my money. I am low on T3 and am getting concerned.

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, how did you resolve the matter?

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If it is happening all the time with UK Mail, perhaps it would be sensible for them to use another approach to sending their parcels? (Just imagine if Amazon responded with that pathetic "excuse"...)

Not at all sure what the Post Office would be able to do?


I automatically assumed that the supplier saying UK Mail actually refers to Royal Mail, rather than the company called UK Mail :)

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Hmm. I guess we will have to await confirmation of that. :-)

Yes it is Royal Mail.

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Sorry for the delay in replying. I thought the same thing.

I've never had this problem before.

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misha, I have no personal experience with this particular source. However, two things spring to mind. Firstly, the tracking service initiated by the supplier, may only cover tracking in the country of despatch. Hence Royal Mail will not be tracking the packet in the UK. Secondly, it is just possible that the packet has been mistakenly held up by Customs and will not be released until they give the ok for it to be delivered to you.

Hopefully, all will get resolved and your packet will arrive very soon.

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Sorry for delay in responding. The tracking covers their end and also when it reaches the UK and my locality. I looked at previous orders. The current order just shows the airport at their end and states 'send item abroad'. Nothing more so it appears it has left the sending country. Possibly stuck in customs.

Why would tracking only cover country of despatch? That would make any tracking pointless.

Might be pointless but, unfortunately, all too often the case.

Some tracking is only visible to the sender.

Some tracking seems to be random as to whether there is any or not.

Signed-for delivery can be required even if no other tracking is available outwith the sender's country.

I quite often see the progress of a package from, for example, Germany through Belgium. Then, without further notice, it is delivered to my front door.

Guthoo, It is actually quite a typical level of service in my experience. It means that the sender has proof that they despatched the goods, and that the goods left their country. If the goods don't turn up on your doorstep, it's not their fault and they can disclaim responsibility. (NB I am not commenting on whether this particular supplier does or does not use this level of service.)

Royal mail have told me that when paying for & sending from UK,tracking stops at the channel.I would assume that possibly the same applies in reverse.

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No tracking picks up when item reaches London.

RedApple is correct. The tracking only tracks to the UK, not within the UK.

I have had T3 from Cyprus, mine took almost 3 weeks to arrive. It may have been because new stock was awaited, or a hold up somewhere, I don't know.

I recently had two small parcels sent from Cyprus (not T3), an eBay purchase. Sent same day by same person. One arrived 3 days later. The other didn't arrive by the estimated date they give you. I waited a couple more days then emailed the seller asking if they would re-send the item. They actually refunded and then the item arrived a couple of days afterwards. Altogether that item took close to three weeks. Obviously something held it up this end. It hadn't been opened by Customs, just held up somewhere.

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Thank you SS I'm panicking because she emailed me saying nine days is a long time. I'm thinking it might be held up in customs.

I'll wait a little longer - found some NHS t3 - it will do me for now.

For what it's worth - my parcel has always had Royal Mail tracking (from presumably the same source via Athens). It takes a few days (to a week) to appear but it does appear eventually. Usually "arrived in UK" is shown on Royal Mail website using same *******GR tracking number. There is a "disappearance" between Athens and LHR when it goes "off radar" whilst it sits in customs. The handshaking takes a while to be registered but it does happen.


She did say and the tracking shows it left Athens on 22nd Feb. Then it should show entry into the UK. Previous orders have shown this info.

Mine arrived recently in about 10 days (from the same source I guess)

Oh thanks - I'll wait a little longer. I panick. I'lI email her and tell her. It'It's probably still sitting at Heathrow or wherever it comes in.

My NDT takes circa 3 days to cross the Atlantic then another 7/10 days to get from Heathrow to my letterbox - or rather the card telling me that I have a charge to pay before they'll deliver. They got the customs charge wrong in my favour again last month, so obvs I love them :D


Hi Rapunzel - I'll wait a little longer and then contact them again.

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