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T3 Lost in the Post Help needed to Obtain Affordable T3

Hi everyone, As many of us folks here, I have been self medicating, using a combination of Nutri Thyroid and T3. I usually get my T3 on the internet from abroad (edited by Admin). I normally order 3 bottles at a time of 100 tablets each of 25 mcg to make it most economical, as the 3 bottles cost in total £47.53. The last order I placed on 24th September has not yet arrived. Indeed, when I checked last week using the tracking number they provided, I saw that it was placed on the plane (edited by Admin), in September, but there is no trace of it on the Royal Mail site. The vendor (edited by Admin) has no idea what happened to it either. I have asked them for a refund, but they don't seem in a hurry to give me back my money. I don't know what I can do to get my money back.

More urgently, however, does any one here know of somewhere else I can get T3 without costing an arm and a leg, as the only other place I know sells (edited by Admin) 1 bottle of 100 tablets of 25 mcg at $136.00, and that's for an unnamed brand? It's even more for Cytomel.

Currently I am only taking Nutri Thyroid, and I don't know if it is the lack of T3, or lack of adrenal support that's causing my serious dive. I had been taking Nutri Adrenal Support for several months, and had some improvement, but a couple of weeks ago, I came off that, and substituted it with Ashwaganda, as I had read that this was good for adrenal support. I am getting horrendous headaches all day, am unable to get out of bed, and do anything, as well as having awful IBS, even jumping out of my skin when the phone rings, (no, I'm not expecting the bailiffs, ha, ha)!! I would really appreciate some support and suggestions. Sorry to raise too many issues at once. Cheers, Lindygiles.

**** this post was edited by Admin as it contained information on where to obtain T3 without a prescription, please see our guidelines ****

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*** please refer to our posting guidelines (link provided above at bottom of original post) and DO NOT post details of where to obtain prescription only medication without a prescription. Thank you for your understanding ***

(if you have to go into any detail just send a private message to lindygiles by clicking on the profile name above highlighted in blue).


Hi, I am sorry about that. I am actually registered blind. I have to access this website through the help of a third party. Sorry I missed the guidelines. Please can you clarify whether my post can be seen, or whether I need to redo it. Also have you any suggestions about my refund from MMDS, and where I can get T3 without prescription. In my case, the NHS have been totally unhelpful. Apologies, once again for any inconvenience, Many thanks, Lindygiles.


Hi Lindygiles,

Firstly, yes your post is visible, but has been edited in places to remove certain information such as pharmacy name. The gist of your message is still in tact though, so you do not need to re-post it.

I'm sorry that the NHS has been unhelpful to you in this matter. I'm afraid that, in line with the forum guideline (quoted below) we are unable to post information about where to obtain prescription medications without prescription.

22. Do not post advertisements, links or information of any sort whatsoever, on where or how to obtain UK prescription only medications without prescription.

This link takes you to the full posting guidelines:

This is a patient to patient forum, so unless anyone else here happens to have experience of obtaining a refund from the vendor that you refer to, we are unable to help with this.

If any member does have information that could be of help to Lindygiles, please send it by Private Message.


If you have paid by credit card and have no joy with the vendor you can claim your money back through your credit card company


Although if I recall correctly credit cards do have a minimum purchase value clause (e.g. only purchases over 50GBP or 100GBP are covered)


Yes it does depend on the credit card but it is worth looking into you are protected buying online using a credit card they keep telling us


Hello lindygiles. I am trying to find a cheap source for you other than the site you mentioned. I will PM you later.


There are extra restrictions from various countries abroad at the moment - so delivery is taking longer than expected.

But the shipment is probably held up by Customs. I dont know how you would check, but presumably through the Royal Mail.


Hi, A big thanks to everyone who has replied to me, particularly those who have PM'd me with useful information. Cheers, Lindygiles.


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