On T4/T3, planning to have a baby, is this safe?

Hi guys. I am hypothyroid and I get my Levo prescribed. Few years ago I started self-medicating with T3 which I order online without prescription. My condition drastically improved since then. My doctor doesn't know about that, I never told him because I know that his opinion is that T3 is "dangerous" and that it can "cause heart attack"!! So there was really no point to argue with someone who is so ignorant. Anyway, my problem is next, hubby and I are planning to have a baby. But I don't know is it safe having a baby on thyroid meds? I mean not for me, but for baby. I am reading a lot about how anything we do while pregnant can develop into some kind of disease of condition in our children if not when they are little maybe when they are adults... I really don't know. My husband and I are responsible persons and we don't want to make life of our child miserable just because we want to have a baby. If there is any danger I am rather thinking of adopting a child. What do you think?

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  • I am not an expert but I know many women having babies in thyroid meds. Is it completely safe though I really can't tell.

  • I suspect they'll want you on Levo alone, so that they can monitor thyroid hormone levels according to their guidelines for pregnancy. I don't think many docs have experience of t3, t4 combo and like your Gp get spooked by it.

  • I had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and taken Levothyroxin for over 10 years when I became pregnant. My child is now five and is fine. I saw the endocrinologist monthly whilst pregnant and my meds were increased.

    If you are worried then I would suggest seeking medival advice, I would also be honest about any unprescribed meds/supplements you are taking whilst consulting with you Doctor.

  • my endo told me that when pregnant levo is safe BUT dose will be increased and more blood tests will be needed during pregnancy.maybe twice a month....levo is ok but you have to tell your doctor what other thyroid medicines you are taking!!!they know better even we feel better doing things on our own.he has to know so you dont put in risk your and your baby 's health..i hope everything works out for you.i m planning on having a baby too after my hormones get balanced.i wish you the best because i know the desire to have a baby

  • If you have hashimotos disease, the immune response is dampened during pregnancy I think. I dont think there is a danger being on thyroid medication, in fact if you need it then it would be a problem if you did not take it. However agree with others that you need to tell your docs about all your medication.

  • It's a difficult decision because they will probably want you to stop with T3 and you said yourself that you feel so much better on it. So if you stop you will feel miserable and on the other hand it's hard to find a doctor who will support you to continue with T3 during pregnancy so I really don't know what to tell you... Wish I could help more.

  • Thank you all. It seems that I have to find doctor who is going to understand my need for T3. I don't know can I go through pregnancy without T3 and in the same time I don't know can all those medications do damage to my baby. It makes me so desperate. Does anyone know a private doctor who is a real expert in all this?

  • Full_moon,

    There won't be private doctors who can tell you that it is safe to take T3 during pregnancy unless there is research confirming it. I'm not aware of any research into the safety of T3 during pregnancy but that doesn't mean it is unsafe, just that there isn't research demonstrating it is safe.

  • I had a baby last year, while on Levo. She is 4 months old and healthy.

    My GP recommended I reduce my Levo dose while pregnant by 25% and said I did not need to see an Endo. So I read the NICE Guidelines on Hypothyroidism and took a higher dose - which I told my midwife about and she agreed with. The threat of miscarriage if I was undermedicated was what I concerned about.

    Is it worth telling your midwife? I have no experience with T3 but was glad to have told a medical professional of my plans .. even if my GP was out of the loop.

  • We see a lot of poor experiences reported. But a GP who isn't able to read "increase" and "decrease" properly...???

    Well done - in every way. :-)

  • Why don't you start your own post about this VeryPurple. Tagging on to someone else's post might mean your question get's missed.

    It's worth remembering that most people on health forums are there because they have problems. People who are not unwell are usually getting on with their lives. So if no-one answers your question, it's probaly not that 'such a person doesn't exist', but just that the person is getting on with their life and looking after their baby :)

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  • VeryPurple, me too...

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