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Problems ordering Cynomel from Mexico and I'm running out of tablets


I was wondering if anyone could help or offer any suggestions as I have had a problem over the last few weeks with ordering my Cynomel and now it looks like it possibly won't be here before I run out and wondered if anyone had any suggestions. Has anyone else had any problems ordering from Mexico over the last couple of weeks and if so how long did it then take for your order to arrive? My last email from the well known mexican site, though full of apologies, said my order was being processed so its not even been shipped yet :-(



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Is this because they've had a "sale" on and everyone has been ordering at once?


Hadn't thought of that! They just told me it was a glitch with their site and that it was now resolved and my order is now being processed.


Mine took just over two weeks to arrive, even though the email said 4-5 weeks, hope you get them soon gill x


Thanks Gill that's reassuring to know. Hopefully it will only take two weeks for mine as well.


I got them quite quickly too, even though they said 4-5 weeks. They are good at keeping you updated. You should get them soon.


Ordered mine two weeks ago and theyhave arrived now. I wouldn't worry that it says being processed I think you'll find it could be on its way


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