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Blood results

Hi, any info on these results:

Anti-thyroidperoxidase 135.3 (High) (range less than 34)

Anti-thyroglobulin 664 (High) (range less than 115)

Free T4 10.67 (Low) (range 12-22) note (Cortisol levels high peaking at 25/26)

Insulin 199.4 (but AbA1c 38 within 38-42 range)

C reactive protein 6.40 (High) (range less than 5.0)

Ferritin 220.5 (High) (range 20-150)

B12 within range on supplement

Vit D 48 (Low) on supplement

Any advice/comments welcome as I will see GP (who is generally 'all is ok') and would like to arrive informed if at all possible.

Many Thanks

Sandra xx

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Did you not have the TSH and FT3 results?

The antibodies show you have Hashimotos or as GPs are more likely to call it : auto immune thyroiditis. You do not say if you are taking levothyroxine but you probably should be but need the above reults a well.

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Hi Treepie,

Thanks for your response, my Free T4 is 10.67 (Low) as range 12-22 and TSH is 5.30 (High). Free T3 15.0, RT3ratio 18.62, both within range. Yet despite having had similar TSH/Free T4 before, I feel more unwell this time - much more tired and low basal temps, some as low as 34.8. Struggling to get a handle on it this time. Trying to find a lead on it follow as GP not very knowledgeable and needs a hint where to go on it. Just says TSH ok.

Thanks Sandra


Forgot to add on NDT as levo didn't work for me.


Hi Sandra ,I do not know much about NDT .I suggest you post again with a heading concentrating on NDT and the thyroid results for the more knowledgable folk to comment.

It looks like you need a higher dose but others may give better advice.

As my last Ferritin test was over 800 ,perhaps not worry about your result!

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Hi Sandra, you must feel awful. You've probably been ill for quite awhile but your treatment hasn't been keeping pace. Are you doing this on your own? You said you were on Levo and switched to NDT but have you increased your dose of either one? I'm looking at your FT3 and I haven't seen that number in any range on this forum. Is it from Blue Horizon? It looks very high and that usually means you are not using the hormone well. I worry that your high cortisol is really causing this and you may have more reverse T3.

With your C-RP being so high usually meaning you have lots of inflammation and ferritin is high for the same reason. Can gluten cause all this inflammation? Something is, so you may as well start there. Do you think you have dairy intolerance? There are lots of things that interfere with proper digestion. Do you still have your gall bladder? You need bile and enzymes.

Possibly on levothyroxine you weren't converting well but NDT does contain some T3. Did those results change when you started on NDT. Sometimes FT4 will be a bit lower. You may really need to support your adrenals. I hate to have you take a zillion supplements but magnesium citrate and B vitamins should be included. Do you like oranges? Vitamin C is essential.

There is Gabba for lowering cortisol which may help you.

So if your FT3 is not over range, you should raise your dose. TSH of 5 is way too high. If anyone argues about that, your FT4 is UNDER range. What is the matter with that GP to not recognize this. Sandra, you have some work to do I'm afraid but when we see how much is wrong, it means you will feel good when it's corrected:) Keep posting.



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Hi Heloise,

Thanks for your reply. The tests were done through Blue Horizon. My FT3 is 4.29, RT3 15, RT3ratio 18.62 (all said ok). Visited my new GP this morning to show results. He said wasn't worried about Ferritin unless chronically low as it sometimes spikes in infection (which I haven't had) but agreed to test again next Monday to check. He also said not bothered about C-RP as 'just a bit of inflammation'! He didn't believe my morning Cortisol was 2.98 as I was sitting in front of him and shouldn't be able to get to surgery on that range (so I went home and forwarded all the results by email!) however agreed to do another Cortisol check next Monday at 8.15am. I don't have my gallbladder anymore due to large gallstone so it was removed. Thanks for the links - great! I haven't heard of Gabba will check it out. Thanks again!



Inflammation seems to always be the culprit. It's the body's way of trying to fix things but chronic inflammation is not good. It makes healing more difficult. Consider cutting out gluten and just eat less carbs and more fats. Think about enzymes. I posted some things under Heloise23. I don't know what happened there with my user name but I think my old posts are still here somewhere. Without your gallbladder you should consider the digestive enzymes. Let me know how you make out.

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Thanks very much. Re: username same thing happened to me (previously sandrad) but couldn't get back in)



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