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HELP! Please PM T3 sources

Hello Everyone!

I am desperately looking for an affordable source of T3. Please PM any suggestions.

I am currently on 75mcg of Synthroid, and while the hypo symptoms have improved some, things are still not as they should be.

I am a full-time student and live in New Zealand, so the most important thing right now is to find a reliable source that won't cost me an arm and a leg, with reasonable shipping charges.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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Reading your post of a month ago it would seem you need to improve levels of Ferritin and B12 before introducing T3. When vitamins and minerals are low - thyroid hormones cannot be efficient in the body.

When B12 is towards the top of the range you could feel better. Symptoms of low B12 and Hypo are similar. Are you supplementing ?


Your dose of 75mcg is small and maybe a couple of increases of 25mcg every six weeks will provide sufficient T3.

A blood test including Free T4 and free T3 will give a bigger picture. The aim is a TSH of 1 or lower (symptom free) but you need an optimum dose of levo.

Before blood tests were introduced, average doses were between 200 and 400mcg of NDT.

Marz has made important advice as everything has to be optimum to get the best out of thyroid hormones.

Recently T3 has been difficult to source and you need to be sure it is authentic. However considering thyroid hormone replacement is for a lifetime, once we get onto an optimum dose our symptoms can be resolved.

There is also NDT (Natural Dessicated Thyroid Hormones) which can be sourced and it contains all of the hormones a healthy gland would produce.

First, I'd increase dose of levo taking note of your symptoms, particular pulse and temp which can be helpful. The following are some links which might be helpful. People who don't have hypo (doctors/endos) particularly have no clue how we feel due to the lack of their knowledge and a decent dose of thyroid hormones but wont increase. The links are archived and links within may not work as Dr Lowe died and website archived.





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