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Help me please, sourcing and starting T3

I'd like to try T3 but my GP will not prescribe nor refer me, so please would any of you kind people who have had success with T3 please advise me? I'd like to know about stopping or reducing the Levothyroxine and about how to introduce T3 as well as which T3 is best and where to buy it from (ideally vegan.

The reason is because my T3 is bumping along the bottom of the range, though taken early in the day and the pain/weakness in my ankles, hands and wrists is making it difficult to do everyday tasks, like opening jars and driving.

Many thanks to you all, those of you whose past posts have given me the courage to take this step and those of you who I'm sure will advise.

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If you post your recent thyroid results and ranges members will advise whether you need to reduce Levothyroxine dose when you add T3.


PS following Clutter's helpful advice:

Latest blood test resuls, Feb 2016 =

T4 18.3 (range 10 - 24.5)

T3 3.9 (range 3.8 - 6.7)

TSH 0.07 "slightly suppressed"

(Ferritin was 34, had gone up from 15, last week back down at 15 in a range of 12 to, I think, 300. GP has offered an endoscope to see why I'm not absorbing but I think correcting T3 might fix digestion problems, raise ferritin and then maybe T4 alone would work)


it is often reported here that Ferritin levels need to be around mid-range to encourage the conversion of T4 into T3. Could that be the reason why your T4 does not convert. Are you taking anything for the digestion problems which may inhibit a good uptake of vitamins and minerals ?

If you do decide that T3 is for you then I do not think you will need to reduce the T4 - based on your result. Others may know more.

What was your last result for B12 ? - that needs to be around 1000 and could help the aches and pains - as could good levels of VitD.

There are on-line pharmacies selling Uni-Pharma T3 - so hopefully someone will be along soon and will PM you the information. Start LOW and SLOW :-)


Thanks Marz for your ideas, I've been thinking the same as you, that the low ferritin is causing the conversion problem, but since being hypo so often leads to poor absorption I'm thinking that if I raise the T3 the absorption should improve.

I take cyder vinegar in water, that's all, for digestion (and practise neti)

Do we not have to reduce T4 always if introducing T3?

I can't remember the B12 result but I am taking what you recommend to bring that up and also taking vitamin D.

It's so lovely having support, more thanks.


Only just found this reply - click onto Reply beneath the poster if you wish them to see your response. Found yours by chance :-)

No you do not always have to reduce T4 when introducing T3 - depends on your FT4 result.

Also take a GOOD B complex with the B12 to keep all the B's in balance. How much are you taking ? Which brand ? How much VitD ?


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