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Source for t3 please

Could anyone pm a source to buy t3 please. After my GP prescribing it for a year she has sent me a note to say that due to prescribing conditions and cost she is no longer allowed to prescribe. I knew it would happen as she was always mentioning the cost. I don't have much supply left. So any where I can buy them would be great through private message of course :) Thankyou so much :)

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Sorry to hear that your t3 has been stopped with so little notice. I get mine from the gp at the moment so can't help you source it, but this happened to me a while back & I fought to keep it. Its the only form of thyroxine I can tolerate.

See your Dr & plead your case. My health record did the talking for me! The Dr could see how ill I was on T4 including admissions to hospital with heart palpitations. Do you have any evidence of the improvement t3 has made?

At the very least, ask for another month's supply so you have time to find a supplier.

It makes me so sad that we have to fight for vital medication like this. All the very best x



I have only just been prescribed T3 by my endocrinologist, who asked my GP to prescribe it for me. The GP has said that he's happy to prescribe it, but it needs approving by the prescribing committee!!! So yesterday I did a 3 hour round trip to Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge to collect a prescription that they wrote and had dispensed at their pharmacy! I am so hoping to get approval so this doesn't have to become a regular trip for me!

I hope that someone can point you in the direction of buying it online - I will be interested too.


frustratedmum Can you ask the hospital to send you a prescription that can be dispensed anywhere? Some drs can do this using a different prescription form..



Please write back to your GP appealing the decision. The BTA have issued FAQS for patients and GPs saying that patients doing well on Liothyronine should not be switched purely due to financial considerations.



Hi I'm In the same boat as you my gp will no longer prescribe me did you get any details on where to get some as I'd like to know tooplesse


I saw my GP at an appointment for something else this week and asked her about the situation regarding my T3 prescription. She said "it's out of my hands, we aren't allowed to prescribe it any more". I told her that I had been on it for a long time and it cannot just be stopped. She raced out of the room to ask I presume the practice manager what the situation is. She returned and said as I had been on it a long time, she could continue prescribing. However she added that they are awaiting the CCG's instructions. I would consider in your case, being stable on T3 for a year you have a good case to argue. I asked my GP what I was meant to do, adding that I know I can buy it from abroad for 2p a tablet. She was aghast and said That's dangerous. I throw my arms up in total despair.


Some years ago my GP stopped prescribing T3 as "you have never been diagnosed as hypothyroid". As I was diagnosed with a private urine test (the tsh blood test were always "within the normal range" even though I was half dead) the nhs has never given a diagnosis but copies of the private tests were sent to my GPs. I didn't even bother to argue as I had had such grief with the surgery over my hypothyroidism. I'm sure that the decision was financial as the nhs pay way over the odds for T3. They should negotiate a cheaper rate as they are being ripped off then we could all be prescribed T3. Sorry, rant over. I feel for anyone starting out on this one.


Hi CarolineAnne,

What is she proposing to substitute it with? Are you already on thyroxine as well?

She can't just take it away without giving you something else /more thyroxine instead.

Doctors are not banned from prescribing it,they just need to justify that the patient needs it.Print out the details that Clutter has sent you and make an appointment to see her and show her the guidelines the British Thyroid Association have released.It's a bit of a cop out that she has written to tell you rather than see you face to face.

Fortunately I get on well with my Doctor,she asked me before Christmas last year if I would trial Thyroxine only.I agreed as I wanted to keep her on side.Well after 4 months of different doses and blood tests,she eventually agreed to give me back the T3 as without it my Blood pressure was sky high,I was having palpitations,sweating all the time.So she agreed this was detrimental to my health. You need to put your point across firmly,don't just accept it.


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