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Help needed- source of T3

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hi all!

I'm Panicking...I have one bottle of t3 left and already got ripped off by one place. Please pm me if you have a source and can help. I have a reverse t3 issue so full ndt is not an option. Thank you! I can post labs if it helps people feel more comfortable.

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How did they rip you off so the rest of us know what to look out for? I have sent you a pm of who I use.

Hi Jesstuo, I can help with this. If you go to the Thyroid Patient Advocacy UK website there's a list of recommended pharmacies on there - that's where I found my current source. or PM if you want.


My Gp prescribes my t3, never had a problem

Please can someone PM me too. I have T3 prescribed but some days need a little more and don't want to make GP suspicious of amount being used - already be warned about cost! TIA

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LAHs in reply to ClaireandBosch

Hi CandB. I am in an identical situation. I get 75mg of NDT prescribed but I take an extra 15mg so I will run out of the 15s sooner than predicted! And then I'm not sure what will happen. What a silly situation.

I think that my reply did not go, anyway all that I said was, each time I go to Crete, I buy loads, will never run short.

Mine even wants to stop my levo 😕

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Katlees in reply to MrsRaven

Why would he do that what will he put in place of it for you

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MrsRaven in reply to Katlees

Nothing. She doesn't think I am hypo. Thats because. My TSH is low.

I didn,t mean to sound unsympathetic but it amazes me how some Uk Drs will prescribe it and some will not.

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Clutter in reply to Vickijw

Vickijw, some CCGs have blanket bans on prescribing T3 by endos and GPs, while others will permit it IF the recommendation is made by a NHS endo. It's very difficult for most patients to get T3 prescribed.

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Vickijw in reply to Clutter

I have been very fortunate then i wish it were easier fir everyone

I have reverse T3 dominance too.

Please email me if you find a non prescription source for T3.

My doctors don''t believe in reverse T3 dominance .

I found a source in China but it was not the real thing.

They say UK is best and sells brand name T3 but all the UK sites i've found require a script.


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LAHs in reply to lozon

Lozon, you might want to use Richard Dawkin's famous saying to your doctor "It's not a matter of belief, it's a fact!"

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lozon in reply to LAHs


Send me your email and I'll give you the name of my supplier; I've found them very good. I'm not sure how I get this to you privately as I understand that I'm not supposed to give this information on this site! J

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RedAppleAdministrator in reply to Ill_us-Ions

You can send a PM (private message) to another member directly without the need to exchange email addresses. Instructions are here:

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Clutter in reply to Ill_us-Ions

Ill_us-lons, click on the member's username and click on Messages top right of the member's profile page.

Thank you. Have now sent. Jx

I have high Reverse T3 levels and my Dr reduced my T3, I am also on T4 and that wasn't changed. After reducing my T3 I am feeling a little better. Its only been a week. Can someone tell me what their symptoms for high T3 were? My blood work confirmed high T3. I am still tired, constipated, headaches aren't everyday anymore, and my internal thermostate seems to be getting better. Meaning, I am freezing all day and at night my body becomes a furnace, constantly throwning the covers off etc. This has improved since my T3 was reduced. Just wondering if other people had the same symptoms.

Not received, and I cannot put my email address on here.

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Clutter in reply to Bodil333

Bodil333, click on the red bubble by your username and click on messages to see your private message. You can also access PMs via the email notificiation HU sent you.

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