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Advice once again please!


Following advice received on this forum I ordered some vitamins/minerals from Amazon which arrived yesterday.

I note that I should take these four hours away from my thyroid meds which I take at 5.30 pm every day as I am always in the kitchen at this time preparing dinner and was told by my gp not to take early morning as I take Lansaprazole.

Does the following look like a good way to be taking all of my daily tablets plus vits/minerals?

8.30 am Lansaprazole & Amlodopine (blood pressure tabs)


1.30 pm Vit D tabs, Vit B complex, Vit K (MK-7), Vit B12 (methylcobalamin sub lingual lozenges)


5.30 pm Levothyroxine

6.30 pm Dinner

9.30 pm Magnesium Citrate

11 pm Citalopram (anti depressant)

I will add in a Ferritine tablet in a few weeks when my pain has subsided.

Should I also add in Selenium L - Selenomethionine 200 mcg for my thyroid antibodies?

Many thanks!

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I note you take Lansaprazole which lowers stomach acid. If hypothyroid we are most likely to get low acid but the symptoms of low/high acid are so similar that we can get antacids prescribed.

Stomach acid is required to enable protein/food to be dissolved.

You have been given Citalopram but do ask your doctor to do a Free T3 blood test (FT4 as well as both are important). The reason being that T3 can be prescribed for depression and as we are hypo, it probably is best to have our FT3 checked and if low T3 prescribed. I shall give you a link.

Going gluten-free can help reduce thyroid antibodies.


Thank you Shaws. I have had stomach problems for 14 years. I recently had a camera look at the inside of my stomach and I was told that I had gastritis with inflammation and not to eat or drink acidic foods. I have often thought that my digestive system is sluggish and food sits in my stomach too long and maybe that is down to my newly diagnosed thyroid problem. I don't want to tempt fate but it has been a little better since my levo has been increased.

As for asking gp for T3 testing she bellowed at me recently saying our bodies only need T4 so I know she will dismiss that request! She doesn't seem to be knowledgeable about thyroid issues despite having thyroid problems herself.

I have taken citalopram for 21 years. I don't suffer from depression but anxiety and used to suffer from panic attacks badly. I feel this medication keeps me on an even keel whilst having to deal with a lot of daily stress in my life.


By your doctor - "she bellowed at me recently saying our bodies only need T4" is so wrong.

We do not need T4 - I take none and am fit and well. T4 has to be converted to T3 and if we don't efficently we will still feel unwell. T4 (levothyroxine) is inactive - it has to convert to T3 and T3 is the only Active hormone required in our billions of receptor cells.

Ignorance is not the best quality in a doctor who is prescribing.

I do know that the Guidelines (wrong) have insisted that only levothyroxine is to be prescribed but quite a few don't improve with it. Of course it has to be increased gradually. Previously some of us could get T3 added but they've now suspended this important hormone and made many members traumatised and searching for it.

Anxiety and panic are clinical symptoms of hypo as well.

This is a list:

When blood tests are due, it should be the earliest possible appointment, fasting (you can drink water) and allow 24 hours gap between last dose and levo and take afterwards. This helps keep the TSH highest as that's all doctors appear to take notice of.

Always get a print-out of your results with your ranges for your own records and you can post if you have a query.

If you've not had B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate checked, request these when next blood test is due.

You can get a FT4 and FT3 privately from one of our recommended labs and I'll give you a link and you can read why these two are important. Only if you can afford them.

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Thank you shaws. I posted my April and May blood results on my last post. Gp prescribed Fultium d3 40,000 iu once a week but I'm also taking 1,000 iu per day of Vit d3. She will retest in 3 months (tsh and Vit d). Although my other bloods are in range they are low in range so it was suggested on this site to supplement and this is what I'm trying to work out a daily time schedule of times to take along with my other meds.


You should take the vitamin D supplements with a meal with fat in. The B supplements should also be taken with a meal. Taking supplements when eating helps increase their absorption. So you need to eat something for lunch.

The only supplements you don't really need to have with a meal are minerals e.g. magnesium, iron.


Thank you bluebug. So if I eat a couple of biscuits at lunch time and then take vitamin tablets would that help with absorption? What about selenium? Should I take this for my antibodies? At what time of the day if so - lunch time with vits or evening with magnesium ?


Biscuits aren't the most healthy of foods. Better to eat a handful of nuts preferably unsalted. (Look in the bakery department of supermarkets as they are cheaper there.)

Take selenium in the evening.

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Usually on the bottles of vitamins it recommends taking with a meal.


Iron needs to be four hours away from levo, and two hours away from food and everything else except vit C. Vit C should be taken with it.

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So I need to take a Vit c supplement with the iron when I start it or drink it with a glass of fruit juice?


I don't think there'd be enough vit C in a glass of fruit juice, you need about 1000 mg. But you could have the fruit juice as well. :D

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I take my iron and vit c during the night when I go to the loo.

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