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Liothyronine Hydrochloride vs Liothyronine Sodium

Quick question as I am struggling to find out an answer on the net, I currently obtain my T3 from Europe on prescription - just finishing my first month.

Currently on Liothyronine Hydrochloride from Germany but have the option of getting the medication from Austria which is Liothyronine Sodium.

Given that I was on the British T3 which was Sodium and to be honest was poor and weak I don't have a great base in which to base an informed decision.

Given that I am paying for this privately I am wondering what is the actual difference and which one is the best.

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None whatever



So far as I know, and I certainly don't know everything!, liothyronine hydrochloride is only used in Henning Thybon.

I am not aware of anyone being sure that the hydrochloride was better, or worse, than the simple sodium salt of liothyronine. (Not a chemist, but I would not be at all surprised if it made little to no difference after passing through the stomach full of hydrochloric acid!)

Opinions seem to vary about every thyroid hormone product in the world. If I were you, I would try to get both. That way you can get to experience the Austrian product but still be able to revert to Thybon if needed.

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The 'best' is the one that makes you feel well. Many of us have changed hormones in the hope of finding one that suits us. It is trial and error as individuals unfortunately.

I wish you well on your new T3.

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