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Is there a shortage of T3?

I usually get my T3 from Cyprus. However I have been without it for the past 2 months as my supplier in Cyprus says she can't get hold of any as everywhere is out of stock. I've since ordered from another supplier in Turkey who I've used before and my new stock should arrive this week.

To be honest I'm amazed that I'm lasting this long without it as usually I'm on a high dose of 225mcg. All the credit now goes to a sublingual Vit B Complex I'm taking which is a very high dose and I feel very good and energised on it.

The first week I was on my last few T3 tablets and sure enough my legs became like they were made from concrete again and I could barely walk as I had lost all strength in my legs. I had to be carried back to our car by my husband when we were out one day as I could no longer walk.

I started taking the Vit B Complex in desperation that something would help me before my new T3 tablets arrived. The Vit B Complex has worked a treat in terms of having all the strength back in my legs again but the past three weeks some of my other symptoms have started creeping back. For example I've put back on a stone in weight from the three stone I lost and now and again I feel like I'm running on empty again.

Is anyone else who orders their own T3 having a shortage problem?

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Karispit, Tina in Cyprus periodically runs out of stock and usually restocks within a couple of weeks. She informed a member last week that she was having difficulty in sourcing more but I've seen Tiromel on other sites recently.

I'm amazed you've coped without T3 having been on 225mcg which is a very high dose.

I get mine from Mexico. No probs at all lately x

May I ask what b complex your finding helpfull,karispitit? X

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I was just going to ask the same question!

Please can you let me know your other supplier in Turkey or Europe as l also an running out and had for it from Tina. Than you.

We've just encountered problems with payment. My partner set up a PayPal account to order with one in Mexico, then they couldn't take that. We managed to get around the problem by phoning the pharmacy direct and processing a credit card payment that way. Goodness knows how much that call to Mexico will be. It's getting ridiculous now.

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I think that there is a problem with them accepting MasterCard. It seems to be the same with some of the suppliers of NDT. They seem to accept Visa.

Hi Veggiequeen, I've been trying to get Mexican T3 since 2nd November. My usual pharmacy accepted VISA for the two years I've been using them. Not any more, we only found out by looking at the credit card statement that they hadn't taken a payment, and I was stuck at home waiting for a delivery that never came. Then we tried another Mexican pharmacy who use to take VISA, but now don't and we were told to pay by pay pal. So my partner did that and when we noticed we hadn't had an email re shipping we contacted them, and they're not processing paypall payments now. There is one that I've ordered who confirmed they are still taking VISA, that order had been shipped. My original pharmacy will accept a money order, but we got around the problem of them not now accepting VISA by phoning them in Mexico and giving card details over the phone. It has been extremely stressful, and my supplies are very low :-(

have you tried <pharmacy>? they seem to take visa.

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They gave us the runaround with PayPal! They don't accept VISA now. We had a lot of emails backwards and forwards, they apologised but they seem to have huge problems with payments at the moment. This was only a few days ago we were communicating with them.


Some of them - the one I order my NDT from, don't take paypal and have just stopped accepting Visa. I wondered, as both paypal and Visa offer compensation for purchases that are not received, if that was the reason. They were the most expensive company anyway so I have ordered from an alternative supplier this time. They take Paypal and Visa. Unfortunately, they do not sell T3. I was lucky enough to browbeat my GP for that. It worked for a while but not recently which is why I decided to get NDT - six months down the road - it hasn't solved all my problems, but my mood is definitely better!

It does seem possible that the joint responsibility issues of credit cards might be part of the problem. What makes me less than sure, though, is that the legal issues that apply in the UK quite possibly do not apply to non-UK issued cards. (Simply, I do not know much about credit cards around the world!)


Hi Rod, in this case with the Mexican pharmacies I don't think it's just the UK who is experiencing the problems with credit cards. If you go on their Facebook pages there are messages aimed at everyone :-( A lot of them are having their domains shut down, not that I know what that exactly means.

We ordered as if we were going to pay by a money order, so then we had an order number to phone them in Mexico, to give card details over the phone. Not ideal, but the payment has gone out correctly, and the T3 shipped. What a performance though!

I don't know how much liability card issuers in the USA share with suppliers?

Having a domain shut down simply means that they would not be able to continue using their website addresses.

However, part of the reason that could be a problem is that so many use domain names that are managed by organisations which might be against them. For example, *.com and *.org, which are managed under US law.

The pharmacies could use domains such as *.mx (assuming Mexico is happy with their businesses).

All I know Rod is that I've been buying Mexican T3 for 2 years now with out the slightest problem until this last time I ordered. It doesn't inspire confidence. I don't like having to do this, but I can't get Liothyronine from my doctor. No doubt this order will have import vat slapped on it too to add to the misery!

I hope for everyone happy on Mexican T3 that our source doesn't dry up. I just wish the NHS could import it for us, 100 x 25mcg tabs cost me just over £10, just a bit of a difference to what the NHS is being charged!

Omg I need to know your supplier please, can you send me a private message, I have just paid £250 which includes postage and Customs and Excise charge for 100 x 25mcg T3 :(

Hi could you pm me where you get your NDT online from please ??

What made you take such a high does of T3. I have not heard of that before. Have you read Paul Robinson's book called, "Recovering With T3". It is a must when you are wanting to use or are using T3. I also wonder if your legs and unable to walk arent about your adrenal glands. Have you been tested for adrenal fatigue, which would help you to find the right help for that. ALL our endocrine is affected, not just the Thyroid. Many doctors have no clue about adrenal fatigue. But if your adrenals are severely exhausted, this is why you can not walk. Think some of these issues need re assessed, with more testing for the adrenals and seems way too high that T3. Try this website:

Good luck to you! :-)



Re high doses, I take 125 MCG and it doesn't touch the sides!

MSC56, you are so right about adrenal fatigue. I have been tested twice and show low cortisol and DHEA and it's such a battle. I have had calf and foot pain and find walking exhausting and painful. I have been sure for some time now it's adrenal. It started 10 years ago when I started to lose my body hair, I wasn't diagnosed with hashimotos until 3 years ago. Dr Skinner said I had been hypothyroid for at least 20 years when he examined me. I think this can cause havoc on adrenals. I've also had steroid injections etc etc. It's a shame when you feel so ill you have to fight and push. I've been fainting too, and reported double vision for the last year.

Mine's coming OK from Mexico.

What is the name of the sub-lingual Vit B Complex you are taking please Karispitit?

Hello I was recommended these and they are great, has changed my energy loads. they do come in a highedose of 5000mg but I started on these 1000mg

I don't post very often so please excuse my ignorance but why is there such a problem with getting T3 from your GP? I've been on T3 since 2006 as hypothyroid and malabsorption syndrome due to only having a 1/3 of my small bowel left amongst other things & have never had a prob getting a prescription. Is T3 in short supply in the UK or is it expensive to prescribe, if so how much does T3 cost?

Karispit have Dr's looked at Fibro for your muscle fatigue?

Cezzie, UK guidelines state that Levothyroxine is the standard treatment for hypothyroidism and many people have enormous difficulty getting anything else prescribed. Many GPs won't prescribe T3 without direction from a specialist. There is almost certainly a cost implication with 28 x 20mcg Liothyronine costing the NHS £103.

Hi Clutter,

Thankyou you so much for the update, I had no idea T3 was so expensive, however you cannot put a price on people's well being. I guess i am one of the lucky ones but am sad that so many of you have to fight so hard to get a drug that improves your quality of life. x

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I ordered a supply of T3 from Mexico on 11/12/14, having dealt with this pharmacy for 8 years with no problems. My order was acknowledged but they said they could no longer accept payment by Visa and this would have to go through Pay Pay. I tried to arrange this but payment was not claimed.

After much toing and froing of emails over a period of days I was eventually requested to pay through Pay Pal to another company (subsidiary?) which I did, and I have just heard today that my order has been despatched.

I have been warned that due to Postal and Customs regulation the usual

delivery date could be extended to 3.5 to 4.5 weeks.

I believe that those of us who were seeking to order T3 from Mexico in early December have run into teething problems of a new payment system, and things will eventualky be sorted satisfactorily. Fingers crossed!

Ginny B.

I'm just catching up with a few e-mails...

I tried ordering from Cyprus, as usual, but Tina is out of stock and it is weeks since I last heard from her. I tried Mexico, which would not accept my paypal payment; we did exchange a few e-mails and they said that they would let me know when they had everything sorted but nothing as yet. I successfully ordered some from the US, which have arrived but not enough to last long (175mcg/day) and they are out of stock again. I've even resorted to e-bay for an emergency supply. I really don't like unknown sites but what can one do?

I have hopes of a supplier in Germany (details awaited). I'm getting fed up with the struggle to keep a supply of T3 going.

My GP stopped my T3 last year as according to the nhs I am not hypothyroid. (I was diagnosed via a private urine test.) He gave dire warnings of heart attack and bone loss. I sympathise in that so many GPs have been disciplined for treating hypothyroidism when the nhs blood tests do not show this up but very angry that my T3 was stopped with immediate effect when I was running low on tablets. I'd have thought that taking 175mcg per day of T3 and my not being in hospital would indicate that I am hypo..

Details of other, value and reliable, suppliers would be appreciated.

Hi, we may have the same supplier in Cyprus as my lady is out of stock too.

Would you be able to provide me with details of the Turkish supplier please - I am getting pretty desperate now !



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