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New T3 supply needed

Having had a reliable supply of T3 from Greece I was very happy. However my last order has gone terribly wrong. I transferred my money and had confirmation of order. I had to chase a month later and they apologised and said they were very busy. A few weeks later I had dispatch confirmation but 3 weeks later still no delivery. I got in touch again and they have been so so rude and now accuse me of trying to scam them out of tablets. I'm now desperate - I've been without my T3 for a month and realise just how dreadful I feel without it. Has anyone got any other suppliers? Having lost £53 with this company and a whole lot of grief I won't be using them again. So disappointing.

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I ordered some on the 6th may and it's still not been despatched . I meassaged them and they said it was due to the amount of orders they have received. It's my first order and I'm not holding my breath that it will arrive

They were great for the last few years but I am so shocked at the emails I have received from them.

I think it is due to the fact that the manufacturers have received far more orders than before, due I think to the withdrawal of the UK T3 from sick patients in the UK.

I am sure I read that there were even difficulties for people who live in Greece to source T3.

Also we had lots of requests on the forum for T3 at one time which may have been by people who sell it on for bodybuilding or weight loss or some such thing which may have contributed to the scarcity.

Silly Ljmarling

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I am going to close this post to prevent anything being posted on the forum. Any responses to be sent by Private Messages.

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