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Thyroxine Supply


I am new here and had a total Thyroidectomy in April of this year. Cancer was found and I am waiting to see if I need RAI.

I want to go abroad for a couple of months but am having difficulty persuading my GP to prescribe sufficient thyroxine. I am currently taking 125 mcg and feel better than I have done in years. Please could someone private message me with details of a safe and reliable source to purchase from. Many thanks.

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Welcome to the forum, Mermaid49.

Your GP can prescribe up to 3 months Levothyroxine to cover your holiday/travel. It is better to try and persuade your GP to prescribe so you can get your normal make dispensed as adverse effects can be experienced when makes are changed.

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Thank you I will try my GP again


i would simply purchase NDT / thyroid-s much more compete than thyroxine and tends to be preferred by cancer or thyroidectomy patients


Thank you for your advice. It is much appreciated.



Some thyroidectomised thyCa patients do fine on Levothyroxine or Levothyroxine + T3 combination and don't need to try NDT.


i am well aware that some people do well on thyroxine and or with T3 too

but equally some people only do well on NDT ....i am sure theres also a genetic element which i sincerely wish they would bother to research


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