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Eltroxin supply issues

Well, I've been without Eltroxin for a month now and am really going downhill. I contacted Mercury Pharmaceuticals and today received the reply that there is no end in sight.I've tried to add a copy of the email but failed !

Whilst Eltroxin has not been the solution to all my problems, it has allowed me to function at about 25% compared to significantly less with every other medication tried, licensed or unlicensed, injectable or oral.

Now I am stuck, any and all ideas greatly welcomed !!!!!

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Have you actually tried Mercury Pharma Levothyroxine?

There is much discussion about whether it is identical to Eltroxin - or not. It has the same ingredients, is manufactured by the same manufacturer, in the same factory, and the tablets have the same debossing on them.

I have contacted the MHRA and asked them to check this out because Mercury Pharma appear on the one hand to suggest it is 100% identical but then fail to actually use those words. For myself, I noticed no difference. And I feel it would be dreadful to make and sell two tablets which are actually different but are completely and utterly totally indistinguishable.

(Of course, there can be variation between batches and over time due to very tiny changes to formulations - e.g. differing batches of ingredients. But these might very well apply to both products and would have been noticed, if at all, whichever you take.)

You cannot attach anything to posts here - in general. However, you could use various ways of putting the email somewhere and post a link.



Thanks Rod.

I'm sure ive tried it in the past, but will double check and ask my Dr on Monday.


I've just written an article for our member magazine about all the problems we've had with our levothyroxines over the part year including the fact that it's more than likely, the MercuryPharma (now AMCo) levothyroxine is not the same.



Have you got some hard information on this? It would be really good to know for sure what the state of play is.



Boots the Chemist say Eltroxin production issues to remain until December 2013. Wonder if it is a licensing issue with the change of name/ownership? Personally struggling as not only the change but the reduction of 25mg is bad enough.Mt stress levels are through he roof and so far have alienated my nephew and an ex colleague in 1 week


Know how you feel Meki !

Do I have access to the your article in the members mag?


The article that Lyn mentioned will (I think), be in the upcoming issue of Harmony magazine, which you receive when you join Thyroid UK.

More info on membership here:


 This is the email reply I received from the company about the availabilty of Eltroxin...make of this what you will but either way it doesn't sound good for us...

"Further to your email I regret to inform you we are out of stock on Eltroxin tablets and unable to give any date on the availability.


Every effort is being made by Amdipharm Mercury to remedy the situation and would be happy to help if you require any further information.


We shall notify you once the product is back in the market.



 Shruti Shetty

Team Leader

Amdipharm Mercury (AMCo) Group

(a merger of the Amdipharm and Mercury Pharma companies)"


Interesting. So they didn't tell you to get their MercuryPharma branded tablets instead, which they have previously said are the same as their Eltroxin branded tablets?


Nope, thats all the info I was given....freefall here I come :-(


I was on Eltroxin for years and fairly happy but recently I have noticed I didn't feel as good and then I had to have Merc. Pharma Levothyroxin for my 25s and Eltroxin 100 but I felt terrible with anxiety, palpitation, general lethargy. Then 10 days ago my Pharmacy told me that M P were not making Eltroxin at the moment and couldn't say when they will be, I couldn't replace it with M.Phar. because it doesn't to suit me and I felt so terrible with it. My Pharmacy suggested Activis so I am trying that for 2 months to see how I go. They do Levo 100 and50s so I have to cut the 50s in half and I have to cut them in half as I have 100/125 alternate days. I only started them 2days ago ok up to now but only time will tell.


Hi Kathy, I love to hear how you get on with actavis. I am having similar problems with MP. When I switched from Eltroxin I began to be unwell. Bloods came back TSH 6.7 (0.5-5.5) and FT4 8.9, (12-22) so I had to increase by 25mcg per day. My next test came back TSH 3.4 and FT4 12.5, however I have continued to feel not as well as before. I have still been getting palpitations in the mornings, a little tired and cold but the main problem I have is heart pain when exercising above anything low impact. My recent blood test came back TSH 0.5 FT4 14.2 (12-22) so it has improved, but my symptoms have not :/ I have thought about increasing my dose, but I am terrified of making it worse. I am too considering actavis, which gave me skin problems before I switched to eltroxin as I would rather wear more make up than have heart problems!

Does anyone know if Eltroxin will be back, though I wonder if it will be the same as before anyway :(


Hi Camille, this is a personal opinion but to me Eltroxin for quite a while now hasn't been the same. It seems that all T4 medication is now generic and Other than Activis all the other makes seem to be made by Amco ( Mercury Pharma). I personally have no proof of this it is what I have found on this site. I am trying Activis because it seems to be the only independent company. Although it is still generic Levothyroxin some one said it hasn't got as many

toxins in the fillers? I am going to Australia for a month and don't know if I will get on this Forum from there but I will try and post how I am getting on. Best wishes Kathy x


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