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Other tests

Should I be worried about any of these?

Anti nuclear antibodies positive

Hep2 speckled

Anti parietal antibodies negative

Anti smooth muscle antibodies positive

Anti LKM antibodies negative

Reproductive profile

Testosterone 1.3 (0.5 - 1.7)

FSH 4.5

LH 6.8

Day of cycle/therapy 3

Reproductive hormone comments results consistent with although not diagnostic of PCOS

Thank you

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I can't comment on the reproductive hormones but obviously the ANAs and ASMAs are positive and indicate issues with your liver but the significance and more exact diagnosis can only be evaluated with further investigation with the specialist. I'm assuming your doctor ordered these tests?

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Thanks for reply. Doctor ordered the autoimmune profile because I was being referred to immunology and the reproductive one was done without my knowledge. I received a phone call from the practice saying my sex hormones were deranged but when I went to the appointment to discuss the results the doctor said they were only just out of range and everyone is different. I do have symptoms of PCOS though - hair growing on face and body and acne.

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I've just read your other posts, has all this only just started all of a sudden or have these issues been going on for some time?

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They have been going on for a long time. The cortisol result was done 4 years ago, reproductive hormone test done 2 years ago, autoimmune profile done 4 years ago as well.


So the test results above were done four years ago? Did you get referred in regards to these for further investigation or did you happen to have a really horrible virus at the time?

You should get the autoimmune profile done again and a liver function test?

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Thanks I didn't get referred for any of the results. Liver function tests have always come back normal which is confusing.


Okay, well I think you either need to retest these to see if resolved or push for a referral as these antibodies don't often just disappear and may cause issues long term even if not showing in liver results at the mo and really should be left to a liver specialist to determine if an issue or not rather than a bog standard GP especially considering your other results (and what you've mentioned about your GP already) - Vit D deficiency and less than optimal calcium for instance might occur with a liver that is struggling. If these antibodies are an issue, then early treatment is the best prognosis so you don't want it to be left until it is more of a problem :-)

All your issues are often associated with coeliacs too so you should go 100% gluten free including cross contamination to see if reduces your symptoms :-)

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