Throat swollen gaps closing up

Throat swollen gaps closing up


I'm trying to decide if I need to go to a and e,it's Sunday so fed courses. My throat is swollen I've been choking and vomiting, but feel it's not anxiety. I can visibly see the gaps at the back of my throat are smaller. I have a mildly underactive thyroid. On the lowest dose levothyroxine. Started taking regularly again and this happens as before. Last time I lost my voice a had to have steroids after being in allergic asthmatic state. Worried going that way again but don't want to bother busy casualty or wait for hours unless it's necessary or if can treat at home. Any advice welcome.

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This does sound serious. Take antihistamine if you have any and go to A and E or phone 111. Take a friend with you and a book to read. Good luck.

rang nhs they called ambulance. home now after much medication and a bit of a rest. thanks for help.

Glad you got some help - best not to struggle on in a situation like that. That's what the NHS is for. Take care.

If your ability to breathe is affected to any degree, you stand a fair chance of getting pneumonia. I had several bouts of this in 1989 when my ingrowing goitre started to take off.

Breathe deeply often and take good care of yourself - ie do NOT go out in the rain!

Pneumonia really is a killer for the aged, fortunately I was only then only 42, strong and healthy and quickly recovered on antibiotics. But they are not something you should be taking regularly.

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