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Hashimotos - sore throat?

Hi everyone, recently diagnosed with Hashimotos after discovering my thyroid is underactive a few months ago, am now on 75mcg Levothryoxine from GP.

For the last 12 months I've been getting a sore throat, more like a lump in throat feeling, but quite low down. I now am putting 2 and 2 together - I'm guessing it's Thyroid related! :) It's not a cold or throat infection as I never have any of those symptoms.

My question is, why does it come and go? It'll feel like it's swollen or lumpy for maybe 5 days, then go away for a few weeks, then come back?

I've been doing all the textbook things for reducing antibodies after reading Izabella Wentz's book - strict Paleo diet, have had my vitamin levels tested and am supplementing the things I need, especially Vit D, Selenium, Zinc, B12 etc, healing my gut etc etc.

I am waiting for Endo referral currently but any explanation or advice on if there is anything I can do to reduce the throat symptoms would be appreciated.


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When you have hashimotos you swing between hyper and hypo, so that's probably why you feel the difference. At least they have prescribed levo for your hashimotos which is good as some doctors/endos don't appear to take notice of antibodies.


Thanks, makes sense. I actually had to push very hard to get my antibodies tested and 'luckily' had high TSH getting Levo was no problem.


When you have a blood test you don't take levo on the morning of the test but take it afterwards as it skews the test. Have test as early as possible as our TSH is highest then and we don't want GP to reduce your levo. (It makes things much worse if the adjust according to the TSH alone). Always get a print-out for your own records.


Hi, I had a constant ( but mild) sore throat for about 18 months before being diagnosed with a thyroid nodule. Have you had a scan or had a doctor examine your neck.


Thanks - not yet. I'm seeing doctor later today. Did you have to do anything to nodule?


Yes I had a hemilobectomy last week. Too early to say whether fixed sore throat problem!


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