Can low T4 when taking NDT cause hair loss ?

I am taking 1.75 grains of Nature Throid and generally feel well . Just recently I've noticed my hair shedding more than usual and it feels weird not easy to style . I have purchased another blue horizon test to see what's going on . From my last test I posted my T4 was well down . When I took Levo it was always over range and I had joint pain . I'm feeling lots better but am obviously concerned about my hair . I don't have a low iron problem if anything my ferritin is usually a bit high . Thanks in advance and I will post results when I get them .


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  • The only benefit I found from NDT - absolutely the only one - was that my hair started to grow again. But, we're all different.

  • Yes we do all react differently . On the whole I have much more energy and I don't ache all over ... I'll get a blood test And see if any changes from last time ! Do you just take T3 or Levo ? Regards Val

  • I take T3 only, now. :)

  • Val-55,

    FT4 is usually considerably lower on NDT than it was on Levothyroxine. As long as FT3 is good it doesn't matter that FT4 is low and it is very unlikely that low FT4 is why your hair is shedding. Low zinc may be why. You can supplement zinc to see whether there is any improvement.

  • Ah yes I was wondering about zinc , I've upped my pumpkinseeds but will try a supplement . I've also run out of selenium perhaps that might also be a cause ?

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