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Daughter hair loss!!!


My 7 year old daughter has started losing hair. She loses loads when washing or brushing it. I took her to the doctors and he sent her for a blood test. The full blood count came back fine, but apparently the thyroid one was out of normal range.

Now, bear with me as I don't understand this, but he said the levels of thyroxine were fine. It was the TSH levels that were high, so the thyroid was having to work a bit harder? He ummed and aahed about sending her for another test, and said it might come back fine next time, but I'm absolutely frantic about her hair loss.

Does anyone have any advice please? We are back at the doctors tomorrow and I would like to be a bit better informed before we go so I know what I need to ask about. Thank you.

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Ask to be referred to a paediatrician.Give your GP a wide berth. No messing about with GP's. they appear to know very little that we have to resort to the internet to enable us to try to recover our health.

With a high TSH your daughter needs specialist care, in my opinion.

melrymum in reply to shaws

Thank you for your reply. I'm just so worried, it's all I can think about. I have been trying to read up about the condition, symptoms etc but I think I am just frightening myself more. I just want something or someone to help!

shawsAdministrator in reply to melrymum

I can understand your worry. The symptoms are so varied, it is difficult, I think, for a young child to explain. My daughter had health problems when young and I took her to the doctor several times (not thyroid problems) but looking back I wish I had asked for a referral to a paediatrician. I had no reason to doubt the GP but one is always wiser after an event and it is no good looking back.

One thing about a thyroid gland problem, if it is treated correctly, then your life can proceed normally.


I totally agree about the pediatrician. My daughter had sever anemia which was only found once she went to the hospital to see a pediatrician. She had all the classic symptoms and yet the GP doctor wasn't able to diagnose her! The test you will need (I think) is a FREE T3. This is the ACTIVE hormone you get after your body has converted the INACTIVE T4. Also test for Hashimoto's antibodies. These are the leading cause of Hypothyroidism (I think). Also be aware that most laboratories don't have the up to date ranges. You'll need to do some searches on the internet. Best of luck! PS There may be lots of other reasons she could be losing her hair. Another question to ask yourself and other biological family members is if they have any auto-immune diseases. There seems to be a connection within families that if one family member has an auto-immune disease then there's a higher chance that other members will also have an auto-immune disease. Not necessarily the same one. Good luck.

Thank you everyone for your replies. Our GP has referred her to a paediatrician so hopefully will get some answers soon.

There was some question over whether my mum had lupus or scleroderma as she has anti nuclear antibodies in her blood, but as yet nothing is conclusive.

It's such a worry. Thank you everyone for your advice.

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