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Serum iron under range after 6 months supplementing?!

I have had some fantastic advice on here but I'm very confused about my daughter 's latest results!

Her ferritin level was 10 back in October so she followed a strict supplementation regime until now. Yesterday's results show ferritin at 63(20-291)

Serum iron below range at 10.6(10.7-32.2)

Transferrin at 18%(15-50) and red blood cell at 4.01(3.9-5.4)

I am mystified that these levels are decreasing when she has taken chelated iron then 3 x 210 mg ferrous fumerate with high strength vitamin c.

At the surgery she was told that everything is okay yet I am very worried about her ability to absorb iron. Her B12 has raised nicely from 217 to 462(211-911) and her folate is fine I think at 16.4

She is not on any thyroid medication as she has never been diagnosed despite previous symptoms. I am pleased to say that she is feeling better than before but I'm still alarmed about the iron results after all this time.

I've been and remain very very grateful for any pointers x

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Has she been ill at all while taking supplements? What is her ferritin level?


Well just the usual constipation but she did have a urinary tract infection in April. Her ferritin is 68 but she has slightly elevated crp of 7


Low serum iron can be due to infections likewise an elevated CRP.

Also to raise ferritin if haemoglobin is over 120g/L you should be taking one but preferably 2 ferrous fumerate per day not 3+ as what is needed for iron deficiency anaemia. More information -

The slow rise for ferritin is normal as she will be having periods and losing blood so will need to maintain her haemoglobin level.


Oh thank you so much for your help! 🤗

I have asked her to start taking 2 ferrous fumerate per day as you advise, along with high dose vitamin c. The article is helpful thanks.

As I am concerned I shall ask the surgery for a re-test in about 4-6 weeks as I am keen obviously to see those levels rising x

Thanks again


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