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My endo wrote to my GP to recommend I start on T3 but my GP won't prescribe it. He said that their prescription advisors (I think that's how he referred to them) say not to prescribe it as there's not enough evidence to support it's use. He said the endo's letters normally says words to this effect but my letter said that there is evidence starting to emerge that it does help. So they need to go back to their prescription advisors to see if they need to change their policy. Which he said he would do.

Has anyone else come across this? Just wondering how likely a policy change is!

My only other option is a private prescription which I can't afford so I'm stalled for now and fed up about after feeling like I was finally making some progress.

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  • Your the second in two days - have a look at the blog nobodysdriving did yesterday.


    Moggie x

  • actually this is different, my GP prescribed it for 8 months on the trot, the PCT agreed I could have it, my GP has 'changed her mind' saying it is a 'highly specialised' medication and she does not want the burden of it.....

  • p.s. Why don't you ask your endo if he/she will supervise you if you bought it yourself. That way you could get it a lot cheaper and have a doctor oversee if.

    Moggie x

  • I thought it was really expensive to buy? Don't I still need a prescription? Sorry if I'm being dim, not sure how it works!! I also can't launch the link you sent and am having trouble tracking it down..

  • Will PM you so look out for the little number 1 in red by your name at the top of this page.

    Moggie x

  • It's about £45 for 300 x 25 mcg if you buy them yourself.... The Nhs is charged about £35 for 28 tablets. Sorry if its mg.... I get them muddled up all the time. On top of the £45 is vat at £10 or so and an £8 handing charge.... So it works out at about £63 for 300.

  • A huge buyer like the NHS should get it cheaper- not 10X the price.

    Do they have no sense/shame at all?

    Never mind the callow diving away from using it- on top of this scam...

  • The NHS cost is, I believe, now over £60 for 28 * 20mcg tablets of liothyronine. It has recently gone up yet again.

  • If you had med before, Dr should be able to Rx it again, be persistent. But that's not enough, you need a good diet too

  • Unfortunately it doesn't work like that, even though it should. I have the same problem. I used to take T3 and was then told I had to have levothyroxine like everyone else. I went downhill rapidly but they will not prescribe the T3. There are many people in this situation. The decision is often not made by the doctor but by the senior partners on ground of cost, or the PCT.

  • You can get only a private Rx

  • A number of people who post here have been prescribed liothyronine on the NHS. Why do you assert that it is only available on a private Rx.

    (Rx is a medical shorthand for "prescription".)

  • I note your profile states:

    I am a medical doctor...

    And that your location is UK.

    Please let us know your GMC registration number.

  • Hi, I am a medical doctor by education, but I don't practice as one. I am a Nutrition and Health Coach.

  • I get my T3 on NHS prescription with no problem "so far", never had a private prescription.

  • Mine is on the Nhs too. I'm in an awkward situation because I self treat with nt and am doing brilliantly, have self treated for 2 years now. However, if I don't get the meds from the doctors, they won't monitor me.... So I get them and don't use them... How mad is that?

  • I haven't had it before, this is first time prescription. My diet is fine, I've lost 6st in the last 18 months, I'm calorie controlled and healthier than I've been in a long time.

  • This is a very nasty situation. Some anonymous "prescription advisors" know more about what you should, or should not, take than the endo who has actually seen you and had the chance to review YOUR case?

    To me it sounds like the new structures of the NHS are starting to have clinical impacts. Unwelcome ones.


  • Its the new Clinical commisioning groups they are deciding on cost grounds what drugs you can have plus they are clearly being advised by BTA or RCP both of whom insist thyroxine is perfect as are the blood tests

    its the same thing with pathblabs refusing to test for t3 andcrefusing to do free t4 or thyroid antibodies unless your tsh is above the range

  • This is beginning to look like 'Checkmate' from the establishment by obscuring decades of neglect behind a firewall of 'NO testing/diagnosing/prescribing' for T3 [the actual active element needed]

  • Its these new CCGs that are restricting everything on money grounds without examining the evidence

    yes you need to make a big fuss theres plenty of evidence that some people need T3

    just as some people need Armour/erfa/ndt


  • I am making progress, my endo is prescribing it via the hospital, it's a bit of a phaff, takes a week for her secretary to get the prescription ready and then a week for the hospital pharmacy to get the T3 from Canada, she can only prescribe 4 weeks at a time so it's an ongoing cycle of making sure I don't run out. Luckily the pharmacist gives me the whole pot which is 100 tablets so about 6 weeks supply. They told me it costs £700 to get 100 tablets so I guess that's why my GP won't prescribe them. I've got a review in February, I am feeling heaps better so I hope they'll continue issuing them to me.

  • The NHS fired loads of managers and then promptly rehired them on consultancy basis at double the cost

    same situation with T3 or Armour or NDt or ERFA someone in command is failing to negotiate correctly with the drug companies

    it costs £250 to change a lightbulb in the NHS ////someone is making a fortune

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