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How do I find a doctor who will test and prescribe T3?

I want to find a doctor that will test and prescribe T3. I need to move doctors anyway as I have recently moved house . I have asked my local pharmacy but they were worse than useless and wouldn't tell me anything. I don't want to move surgery and then find I still can't get anywhere. I'm in the Bournemouth area if any one can help. Since my TT in September I have just got worse and I just want to be well again. I'm fed up of being tired, achey, gaining weight, dry eyes, skin and hair. My hair is falling out too. Sorry for having a moan but I feel let down by the nhs.

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GP would only prescribe on recommendation of an Endo. Unfortunately GPs only seem to know, if you're lucky, the very basics of endocrinology thus the protocol of TSH needs to be over 10 for them to do anything.

Many of us have been let down by the NHS but the best thing you can do is to educate yourself as much as possible so as you're not dependent on the NHS.

Have you had any blood tests done? Presumably you're under an Endo following your TT?

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Yes had blood tests but they will only do tsh and t4. From memory the tsh was well below range and the t4 was over range. Will look results up. I'm not under an endo or the hospital any more. As soon as the 6 week check up was over that was it handed over the gp!! X


I live in Christchurch near Bournemouth and get prescribed t3 from gp. You would probably have to live in Christchurch though


I had to insist I had a t3 test. Gp wasn't happy at first and then said I could have a trial of it. I have been on t3 now for about 6 months and do feel a lot better than on thyroxine. The gp said I must take thyroxine as well but I start to feel worse so told him I refuse to take it. He hasn't got back to me about stopping trial of t3.


Wow that's good news. Fingers crossed when you do see him he sees the difference it has made to you x


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