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Hi , new to this site . Autoimmune thyroid !

After feeling ill for a long time with many symptoms , I'd had my thyroid tested in the past but was told it was subclinical and didn't need treatment !! Always suggesting anti anxiety /anti depression medication . Finally , as my health deteriorated I happened to see a Locum gp , who retested & found high antibodies and diagnosed Autoimmune thyroid & vit D deficiency. I was started on Levothyroxine (Jan 2013) My question is that since then my symptoms have persisted & the next Gp I saw , said that my levels were ok !! And that the anxiety , insomnia I was experiencing were down to depression a mental health problem !! Basically that thyroid problems don't ' cause anxiety or effect your mood ' & ' you only need a blood test every year or so ' & wouldn't refer me on . I have since seen an endochrinologist Privately who is looking to change all medication and hopefully manage this . My question is (again) will I ever feel better ? So ill at the moment I rarely leave the house ? ... Sorry to go on .

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oldestnewest will one day feel well. It is a long journey and I am sorry that it is bumpy for you at the moment. As you have anti-bodies ( me too ! ) then you may well have a conversion problem so it is very important for you to know what your FT3 reading is in your blood tests. The T3 is the only ACTIVE thyroid hormone and the brain has first call on it. So if it is low then things will go wrong in the brain. It's good that you have been diagnosed - now you just need to refine your treatment. so have your B12 VitD Ferritin Iron and folates tested. Take a look at the main Thyroid UK website to learn more...

Sorry I could write masses but I am tired - more people will be along soon with helpful comments I am sure.....


Thankyou Marz .


Welcome to the Group Redz, this is an amazing and informative site - (Im quite new here too) Get the Gene test done it will show if you have inherited a Gene from a parent or even both parents , that you are having conversion problems in the Liver of T3 - I just got my result back , yes I have inherited the Gene D102 - Which will give me more ammunition to present this to my Doctor who is disbelieving :)

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Thankyou , yes so informative , wish i had found it sooner ! I hear you about disbelieving doctors , :( .


This is a link to the new gene test.

This is a link re the above new gene test You will soon realise that many GP's don't understand the metabolism of thyroid gland problems. Some doctors do prescribe for sub-clinical if you have symptoms but most only prescribe according to the TSH whilst ignoring clinical symptoms or is unaware of what they are.

and another helpful link:-


Yes you can feel better and your chances are much better once you find a doctor that knows what they are doing! Most people (it is estimated around 85% according to studies) get better once they are on a high enough dose of thyroxine provided there are no other issues. Of the other 15%, most feel better once on a different thyroid replacement therapy. I certainly do :)

A quick tip; whenever you have blood tests, get a copy of them with the reference ranges. 'Normal' won't necessarily be normal for you so you may find you actually need a higher dose of thyroxine. Getting your vitamin D levels up with supplements and safe sun exposure should also help. Vitamin D deficiency can make you feel awful too.

It would also be a good idea to get your iron, ferritin (stored iron), folate and vitamin B12 tested. The 'normal' ranges for some of these are very low so, even if your results come back normal, you may benefit from supplements. It seems that iron should be well within range, ferritin is best for most people at 70-90, folate is best around 12 for most people and many people find they benefit from B12 supplements if their level is below 500. Any of these could be contributing to your symptoms.

You sound far too motivated (despite feeling very ill) to be suffering from depression, except maybe the kind caused by too little thyroid meds ;) Several members on here have been referred to psychiatrists for their depression/anxiety to be told they are not depressed and it must be a physical problem.

I hope your endo is able to help you get better :)

Carolyn x


Thankyou, yes I am trying to learn as much as I can before my next appt & I realise that at the moment whilst changing medication and being so sleep deprived , things are going to feel worse . Just so good to know that there are people who understand ... Thanks again


Hello from me too :) Insomnia and anxiety have been a major thyroid related problem for me too and of course I too was told that these were nothing to do with my thyroid. However, now that I am we'll medicated they are much better :)

I second all of the above wisdom and suggest posting any test results that you have on here together with the ranges and hopefully this may help shed light on things a bit further. Xx


Thankyou Clarebear , ok will do xx


Hi , wasn't sure if i needed to create a new post or follow on from the last ,,,, feeling ill & worried if my drug regime is right. After a long battle with gps . I saw an Endo recently who seems to think that it's not just my thyroid levels that are causing the symptoms ...... Tinnitus , anxiety , depression, insomnia, panic attacks, sore/ dry skin, brittle nails / hair , constipation, blurred vision , fatigue, sensitive to hot & cold , headaches . Joint pain, brain fog & lack of concentration ...... He seems to think that it is also lack of oestrogen ( I had a hysterectomy ovaries removed aged 40 ) also vit D & vit B12 deficiency together with the auto immune thyroid !!. So I feel more confused & anxious about if this is right ??


You've plenty to be getting on with as it is.

The low thryoid is bound to affect your mood and coping senses- thst's how it is.

The Docs not coping just make things worse.

However- you're getting back on track now.

Remember , thyroid hormones are needed by every cell in your body so means a lot- if 'way out' for long.

My guess- if you start getting that riight, many other problems will recede and can be dealt with in own right more easily.

Your Endo is at least awake to your problems!

Final line on your last:-

Are you worried about the diagnosis being 'out 'or just fed up with the extent of problems?


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