Excited and nervous 😊

Ok, my Tiromel have arrived, yay! I could really use your peoples knowledge as to how I go about taking t3.

I've been on 100/125 Levo on alternate days for the past two years, I take it in the first thing in morning. I understand that 25mg of Tiromel is the equivalent of 75mg of Levo. For those of you who have added t3 to your t4 where did you start? How many times a day and what dose of t3 and t4?

These results are from my latest private blood tests:

Tsh 1.31 (0.27-4.20)

T4 Total 91.00 (64.5-142.0)

Free t4 17.44 (12-22)

Free t3 3.32 (3.1-6.8)

Cheers 😊

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  • I am not medically qualified but I'd take 100mcg of levo plus 1/2 tablet of Tiromel to start with. I'd take both together on an empty stomach with one full glass of water. Take pulse/temp before you begin and keep an eye on them, i.e. if you feel too hot and take temp it may well be normal same with temp which may rise as you increase dose. If pulse is too fast, drop dose slightly. After two weeks and if you don't feel you are yet on an optimum add 1/4 of T3.


    Remember to allow 24 hours gap if you are having blood test and take hormones after it.

  • Thanks Shaws, do you take t3 and t4? If you do, did adding t3 make a noticeable difference?

  • I did when I was taking both. I felt a big difference when 10mcg of T3 was added to T4. I think that levo didn't agree with me so getting some direct T3 did make a difference. When the Thyroid Nurse phoned me after the most recent blood test after the addition of T3 and told me to stop taking T3, I said 'in no way' will I stop T3 so they told me to reduce T4. I didn't mind as long as I had the T3. So I hope you find a benefit as well. It doesn't suit everyone.

  • P.S, I have been on T3 only for a few years now and am well.

  • Bijourain,

    Buy a pillcutter and quarter the 25mcg tablet into 6.25mcg doses. Start with 6.25mcg added to your 100/125mcg Levothyroxine to see how you tolerate T3. After 2 weeks you can take a second 6.25mcg dose 8-12 hours after the first. If necessary, add another 6.25mcg dose to your morning dose two weeks later. Hold at 18.75mcg for 6-8 weeks and have a thyroid test including FT3 to check FT3 remains within range before increasing further.

  • Thanks, appreciate your help πŸ–’β˜Ί

  • Hi Bijourain

    Hope you don't mind me asking an additional question.

    Clutter & shaws I've seen that said many times, that some people don't tolerate t3. What are the signs and symptoms if you don't ? This is probably a daft question but why don't some people tolerate it ?

    Many thanks. Hope the t3 works for you Bijourain πŸ‘

  • Kitti1,

    It can make people feel ill. I don't know why they don't tolerate it any more than I know why some people don't tolerate Levothyroxine or NDT. Headaches, anxiety, palpitations and insomnia are common adverse effects.

  • You will just feel unwell with no improvement or new symptoms.

    I couldn't tolerate Levothyroxine - why? No answer to that question I never improved one iota from a starting point of a TSH of 100. Even though TSH reduced - levo gave me severe palpitations. I had many ECGs and visits to the A&E - they may have thought it was due to myself instead of to Levo. I have had no palps or visits to A&E since switching. I am back to what I was before I had hypo with no symptoms.

    Apparently thousands do fine of levothyroxine.

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