Thinking of going with NDT

Hello everyone, I wonder if I could pick your brains? I use levo at the moment, supposed to be on 150mcg, but upscaled myself to 200 to feel better. The amount I was on before they started reducing it.

I Have tried T3 (tiromel) with my levo, to see if that helped but it didn't seem to do much.I did reduce levo accordingly. I have poor t3 conversion.

My question is this!! I want to try NDT, as so many of you have good results with it , will it be of benefit to me I have Auto-immune thyroiditis . Considering it has t3 in it and that did nothing previously.

Your opinions will help , thank you x

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  • Rgraham196, You wouldn't have felt any benefit from T3 if you were undermedicated when you reduced T4 to add T3.

    Some Hashi patients have found that NDT exacerbates Hashi flares but most do very well on NDT once they are optimally medicated.

  • Thank you so much for that reply Clutter , sorry it has taken so long but had meetings this afternoon. I was always terrified to increase too much as there are a lot of heart problems in my family. And I was getting a lot of bad heads with it , also swelling. But Levo is not helping not since they started messing with the dose. I take a lot of meds, including citalopran, and dihydrocodeine both of which inhibit t3 conversion I am told.

    I feel this is the next step, thanks once again

  • rgraham196, I have been taking dihydrocodeine for a long time, I didn't realise they inhibit t3 conversion, would you mind me asking where you found this information please? I also take Prozac, so i would be very interested to find out more info. Thank you.

  • Hello Beveleyb, to be honest with brain fog I cannot remember where I read it. It may have been ThyroidUK. Perhaps if you google t3 inhibitors it may come up. Good luck.

  • Hi rgraham196, thanks, I will do a bit of research. I know how you feel with brain fog, its terrible. Thanks for replying.

  • Thanks Sandy12, that is interesting. My free t4 is high and my free t3 low, and supressed tsh. So I do have a conversion problem, might have to look into this further before I take the expensive plunge x

  • You are never going to know if anything will work for you unless you try it. No-one can predict the effect it is going to have on you - not even you.

    Expensive? Where do you buy your NDT? I've never paid enough for it to be what I would consider expensive. Maybe post another question and ask people where they get theirs and how much they pay. Answers by PM only, of course! :)

  • Have replied to you greygoose pm. I live on a very limited income, and almost £40 immediately seems a lot when you are on a very tight budget. But you cannot put a price on good health x

  • Rgraham, Cost will depend on how much NDT you need. 200mcg T4 is bioactively equivalent to 2-2.5 grains grains of NDT and I've observed that members switching to NDT frequently require more than bio-equivalent doses. It may be worth trying T3 again. Reduce T4 by 25mcg for every 10mcg T3 added or by 37.5mcg if you add 12.5mcg.

  • Thank you Clutter, I did reduce but maybe not enough, might try again seeing as I have some Tiromel left. If not I think I will give NDT a go. Need my life back :) x

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