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Hi there I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid about 2 years ago. I found the GP's fairly uniformed about thyroid issues so i saw a nutritionist. She helped alot and told me about Hashimotos which it would appear I may have. So i am now GF and have a very healthy diet. I was taking nutri thyroid bu I can'T source it now, so i am looking for something else. I haven't had bloods done for about 18 months because even if i felt well the blood results came back TSH very high and T4 very low. I just wanted to treat symptoms rather than blood results.

Anyway as I can't get nurti thryoid i thought i would book for bloods net week (they will only test TSH T4), to give me a base line before i start on anything else.

I dont get alot of symptoms even though my bloods have been way out in the past, mainly low energy irritable, muggy head headache.

I have some raw thyroid i have taken for last few days, but i have also got some Thiroyd, i don't want to start this until i have had my bloods done. But i wondering what people think is the best way forward with blood testing, Do i tell my GP i have some Thiroyd or not? Im not sure what is ok to discuss with them and whether they are allowed to help with blood tests if i am taking something like that.

Thanks you for any advice

Best wishes


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I wouldn't discuss Thiroyd with your GP just yet. There's no way your GP will 'approve' you taking Thiroyd because unlike Armour, NatureThyroid, WP and Erfa it is not listed in a national formulary and the manufacturer doesn't even list the ingredients.

If your TSH is over range and/or your FT4 is below range your GP should prescribe Levothyroxine. I would recommend you take Levothyroxine if it is prescribed. If, in a few months time, you decide you would prefer to try Thiroyd I would wait and see whether it suits you before informing your GP.

If you are going to take Thiroyd you will need to order private thyroid tests to check your FT3.

I've just got alot of reservations about levothyroxine because I've read about and met a lot of people who became worse once they started taking it. I much prefer the thought of taking something more natural. Im managing with my symptoms now and the thought of making myself worse through medication terrifies me as I have two small children.

Is it worth asking the gp about Armour do you think? That is if my levels are low.


80% of people do very well on Levothyroxine but you won't hear from them because they don't need a support forum. The only 'natural' thing about Thiroyd, Armour etc. is that the T4 and T3 is derived from a pig thyroid. The other ingredients used to formulate the tablets are synthetic.

I don't think it is worth asking your GP about Armour. It is not licensed for UK use so your GP would have to write a named patient prescription and take personal responsibility for any adverse reactions you experience on an unlicensed medication which most are unwilling to do. Most UK GPs are not trained to use anything except Levothyroxine which is the British Thyroid Association's "preferred therapy for hypothyroidism".

I thought the NDT medications were also considered better because they provide more than just T4? i.e T3.

Im finding the whole thing quite confusing and scared of going down any route with medication at the moment.


If someone doesn't do well on Levothyroxine only and needs more T3 then NDT or T3 may be better but they don't suit everyone and some people do better on Levothyroxine. If you want NDT or T3 you will almost certainly need a private prescription or to buy online without prescription.

Ok thank you, I will wait and see what my bloods say next week, you never know the raw thyroid may be enough to support my thyroid.



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