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Trying NDT for the first time - are you supposed to feel hypo?

Three days in: I've been on 1 and a half grains of Armour. Am splitting the dose: 1 grain in the morning, half a grain after 1pm. (switching from T4/T3 synthetic combo - 75mcg levo, 10mcg t3)

The first day I felt good, more 'natural' if that makes sense. But today and yesterday I've been foggy, very slow, bumping into things, generally lethargic and forgetful.

Will this pass? What can I do to boost my immune system or absorption of the NDT or even through my diet? I'd love to hear some tips that have helped others.

If the symptoms continue into two weeks I'll look to raise the NDT by one half grain, as I've read this is the way to go?

My iron is at the bottom and I've heard this can cause issues when starting with NDT. (low range starts at 15 and my last bloods were at 20 - and this with taking 200 of iron supplements daily; I once got them to 40 by taking 400 of iron daily - have tried both ferrous fumarate and sulphate) Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution? I'm up to two red-meat meals a week now to see if that helps.

What I currently take:

gluten-free diet, 200 selenium, 2,000 sublingual B12 (my previous B12 was 280 with the range starting at 200), 200 iron tablets (ferrous sulphate - last iron test was at 40, previously at 19 with range starting at 15), 1,000 vitamin C, 1,000 Vitamin D, a touch of zinc, 1,000 omega 3 fish oils

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1.5 grains is equivalent to the Levothyroxine and T3 you were taking. There is 13.5mcg in 1.5 grains so I would have expected you to feel less hypo.

Taking 1,000mg vitamin C with each iron tablet will increase absorption and minimise constipation. If iron is low you need 2 or 3 x 200mg iron tablets. Make sure you take iron 4 hours away from NDT.


Thanks Clutter. I'm doing all of these things. I increased my iron to 400 per day once again and take them with Vitamin C and all other supplements in the evening, several hours apart from taking thyroid hormones.

I'm not sure why I feel so hypo.



It can take a little time to adjust to a change of medication.

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I was thinking this too, it just seems 'very' hypo right now. I'll give it another week and reassess. Thanks Clutter


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