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T3 outsourced

I had replied on a question about T3, that I was interested in finding it outsourced, as I've been through SEVERAL doctors here and they simply don't "believe" in using the "dangerous" stuff. I know because I've read that it has made huge differences in people's lives but guess I will have to self medicate to obtain it. I am in the U.S. and have had half of my thyroid removed due to a single golf ball sized dominant mass on my right thyroid. Mother and both sisters had hashis, (and thyroid removal) one sister's was cancer. I'm lucky to still have my one half (I hear). Anyways here are my labs.. I've been hypo for 15 years unacknowledged.

Before NDT TSH 3.2 (.32-4.5). They refused to test any others. Then they found the tumor and put me on NDT.

TSH before the surgery on 2gr NDT .5 (.34-4.2)

*Edited to add removed from all meds surgery day until my thyroid "levels out".. :/

TSH 2 weeks after the surgery.. 8.0 (.4-4.5).

Free T3 2.4 (2.3-4.2)

Ft4. .6 (.76-1.46)

Placed on synthroid (that I'm not taking) I'm still taking my NDT 95mg and 5ug T3 (twice daily). (Yes he finally gave me a little but won't budge).

I'm certain I have adrenal fatigue stage 3 from working high adrenaline jobs of law enforcement, fire fighter, EMS, prison officer, etc mostly overnight shifts and long hours. Then I was anorexic (in starving myself ) still weighed 200...for 5 months. Then I got married and had 2 babies and nursed them each 2 years. (My body's burnt out)

I also I have adrenal diurnal saliva results of

730a 3.9 (3.7-9.5) very low

1230a 1.6 (1.2-3.0) low

530p .8 (.6-1.9) low

1030p .6 (.4-1.0) higher than optimal

So that's either BELOW or on the bottom of every level. I'm exhausted all day and live in chronic fatigue while TRYING to raise my two toddlers. Which means that I'm probably producing a high amount of RT3. Don't know because my doctor"sssss" won't run any other labs and told me to stay on the synth/T3 for 3 months minimum before they'll draw blood. So here I am.. but I honestly think that I'm not converting well or.. I'm converting to RT3 due to bad adrenals. (I'm scheduled to see a full blown adrenal functional med doctor this month on the 23rd). Everything I've read says I need to lower the T4 or stop it completely and move to T3 only or raise it quite a bit to eliminate the production of RT3 while fixing adrenals. I didn't intend on writing all of this out etc.. I simply read about the NHS stopping T3 (infuriating!!!) and someone said that a member could provide a PM on how to get the T3 outsourced. So I replied I was interested in a PM on how to do that. (Safely). :) But I was asked to tell the group about myself first. :)

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Welcome to the forum, Wysdym.

You are under medicated on 95mg NDT + 5mcg T3 to have TSH 8.0, FT3 bottom of range and FT4 below range.

How much Synthroid were you prescribed?

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Keeping in mind that the TSH 8.0 was before I was on the NDT/t3. That was 2 weeks post surgery on zero medications. As the surgeon told me that removal of the bad side would make the good side pick up the slack. :/

After the lab results of 8.0 and being almost comatose I begged for medication and was given the 75synthroid and 5mcgT3 twice daily. So technically 10.. zzzzz sorry brain is so tired.

75mcg was the prescribed amount. I've read hundreds of posts across 5 or 6 well known thyroid forums that all advocate for THE with NDT over synthroid. I have only 1 friend that swears she THRIVES on synthroid with 10mc daily T3. While I do think I'm under medicated for sure, I am worried about raising the NDT cause I think each time I do I'm more exhausted!



Okay, I thought you had TSH 8.0 while you were taking 95mg +T3. I think you need to wait until you've been taking it 6-8 weeks and have another TSH, FT4 and FT3 test to see whether you are optimally medicated. Under and over medication will cause fatigue.

Believe it or not some people do better on generic Levothyroxine than on Synthroid or NDT. You don't know whether it will suit you until you try it but if you're good on NDT there's no point in switching.


I'm totally not good on NDT :). Yes the Dr was making me wait 3 months to test again. So I'm struggling hardcore until that date. I am really tempted to call him and tell him that they forgot to call in my synthroid. So I can try it. Would you try it if the NDT wasn't working? I lived on the STTM forums forever and they all just hate it so much. They act like it's Satan.



STTM are NDT fascists in my opinion. Woe betide anyone who dares to say they do better on Levothyroxine.

Is there any way you can order your own labs to see what your thyroid levels are now? If not, switch to Synthroid + T3 and see whether that's better for you.

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I am thinking the functional medicine doctor will order them, but I'm so so thankful that you feel the same way about the NDT thing! I'm just thinking it's really not the best for me right now. Maybe I'll hold off on self treating the T3 higher. The fmed is gonna cost $800USD.. eeek. But he promises he will FIX me. My friends and his reviews say he's the best.


Do you think the 75mg synthroid with 5ug T3 twice daily is a good starting dose until my appt?



Yes, give it a go.

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