Importance of vitamin K2. It is not only strengthening your bones and teeth, but can kill the bacteria causing dental cavities

Quite interesting article. The power of K2 with other cofactor in dental health has been recognised decades ago. Unfortunately since it has been ditched and K2 has been considered not important.

This is what big pharma do not want people to know. Could we simply prevent tooth decay and even fix dental cavities by just supplementing K2 , vitamin D and cod liver oil?

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Thank you for posting. Very good link. Started taking vitamin K2 M7 at the end of last year. I asked my Cardiologist if it was ok for me to take. He had 't heard of it, however said it was ok for me to take ! At the same time a friend with Osteoporosis told her London consultant she was taking it. Likewise he had not heard of it. She was very brave and told him he should find out about it.

Excellent. K2 seems to be essential for vitamin D and A to work. Instead of being just a vitamin it more so seems to signal other vitamin to work.

For me K2 has improved my digestion dramatically which is not often mentioned but poor digestion can be a sign of K2 deficiency. Whether is has impact by itself or triggering D and A to work as both affect digestion, I do not know.

I also read that any adverse reaction to K2 could be vitamin D deficiency, possibly as it triggers vitamin D to work. Therefore supplementing K2 can lead to deficiency of vitamin D if not supplemented at the same time.

Fascinating article - thanks for posting Justina

K2 is essential. Couple years ago no pharmacies or health stores carried it. Now it can be found :) btw, bones are developed mostly when we are young, is it still worthwhile to supplement with K2 as an adult, not too late? Thanks for posting :)

As K2 has such a wide impact to overall health it's never too late. According to this and many other articles K2 is a trigger for vitamin A and D to do their job. K2 is found in brain as well.

So all in all whatever it does to your teeth is just one part and if it's too late then it's too late in that area.

A chiropractor just told me that K2 can remove the plaque build up in your arteries. I am not sure if this is true but I will give it a try. Not quite sure at the moment how I will discover if it has been effective. My reservations stem from my inability, yet constant attempt, to remove bird poop from my porch with a high pressure hose water washer!

However, hope springs eternal.

I don't if it will remove plaque, but it at least will prevent future build up! With teeth it supposedly soften up the plaque which eventually dissolve away, no idea would that work on plaque on arteries once the damage is done. But does not hurt to prevent more damage done!

Bird poop is from outer space and nothing but dynamite fix that problem. Probably for good as the porch might disappear as well!

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