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Hi everyone, I'm after a bit of advice regarding my daughter having the HPV vaccine. I don't want her to have it, all of her peers have had it and she was happy with the decision we'd made but now she is having second thoughts and is worrying she will get cervical cancer. I am concerned about her having it for many reasons. Mainly that it is not 'tried and tested' but also that there is a link with auto immune issues and with me having hashimotos and others in my family having thyroid problems I worry the vaccine could adversely effect her immune system. It isn't my decision to make ultimately though..any advice???

Nat x

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I agree with your decision and have advised my son and daughter not to allow it for their daughters. I also read a few weeks ago of a girl in Reading, Berks now paralized by having the vaccine. Also read about two Italian girls, both badly damaged by it. I will see if I can find the links. That was two years ago, I believe but the Reading girl is very recent. Try Google for newspaper report. You are making the right decision, I am sure.

This is the Reading example :


And this refers to the Italian experience :


One of the links in the Medscape article is to this :


which has the title "Severe somatoform and dysautonomic syndromes after HPV vaccination: case series and review of literature"

Somatoform means : "any of a group of psychological disorders (as body dysmorphic disorder or hypochondriasis) marked by physical complaints for which no organic or physiological explanation is found and for which there is a strong likelihood that psychological factors are involved."

In other words the authors of that paper thought the girls were making it up. (Just like thyroid patients make it up of course, according to many doctors.)

Thanks for finding those. I was about to search myself. Scary isn't it? If the boys had received it and had problems the vaccine would probably have been withdrawn...

Oh, definitely! But then boys are tougher. So if they suffer the problem must be real. But girls? Weaklings and hypochondriacs, all of them!

*sarcasm off*

I think a vaccine for boys is in the pipeline - I read recently. More dosh in the coffers for Big Pharma by scaring people ....

Hennerton , sorry, I wasn't being sarcastic at you. Just the whole horrible situation. I hope you didn't think I was having a go at you. :)

Noted adverse comments about HPV vac in usa material. It doesn't last lifetime...So the answer is to annual scan. I think vaccines revealed showed it.

I am so glad that this wasn't around when my daughter was a teenager. And I have warned my daughter not to give it to her girls. I can't even see the point. It's not as if women are developing cervical cancer the way kids catch measles. Vaccinating the whole female populations seems like over-kill, to me. And, if it were my choice, I think I'd take my chance with the cancer, than risk the vaccine.

Here are a couple of articles that I bookmarked on the subject :



They're not very recent articles, but I doubt much has changed. x

Thanks, I will have a read. It really does worry me and I find it infuriating and irresponsible to give the decision to 13 and 14 year old children. These past 2 years my brother and my Dad have had cancer so of course that will be in the fore front of my daughters mind as well as the fact that all of her friends and classmates have had the jab. In my opinion there is no evidence it is safe nor effective yet..our kids are being the guinea pigs and that's scary! I have tried to explain that safe sex (although she's nowhere near that stage, not had a boyfriend yet) and regular smears are the best way of preventing it but obviously she believes doctors know best and that other vaccinations have been safe so why should this be any different. I have asked her if she will just hold off having it at least for a couple of years to see if there is any more news about it either positive or negative in the mean time and she has agreed so we will have to wait and see :-/

I'm so sorry you're faced with this heart-breaking situation. It's criminal to give the choice to 13 and 14 year olds, who are not mature enough to make an informed decision. At that age, they obviously want to do what all their friends are doing, they don't want to feel left out. But, we're not talking about a trendy pair of shoes, here, we're talking about something that could affect their whole lives. I think this is a deliberate ploy to get more kids vaccinated before they know what they're doing. If it's left until they're older - which it well could be - they would probably be less inclined to accept being vaccinated.

For everything else in their lives - they're not allowed to drink or to drive, or do other dangerous things - they are protected from making the wrong decision. And, so it should be with this. But, it all comes back to money again, doesn't it. Our children's lives are being put on the line just so that Big Pharma can maker bigger profits. It should be illegal, because it's certainly immoral! But, we can't expect morals where money is concerned. Makes me sick!

I'm just scared if she has it she will end up with hashis or something similar and the thought of it makes me feel sick. I just hope that I can put her off long enough for more research/evidence into the negative side of it to surface. But yes, you're right, it all comes down to money making at the expense of those they're meant to be helping :-(


Hope the above is not too overwhelming for you .... I think you are so right to be cautious ...

Thanks Marz, I'll have a read later when I finish work. I have seen a couple of these stories on the net before but good to have them all in one place! I might show Holly and see what she thinks. They are so bloody brainwashed at school and in the media, not just with this but on so many issues and it's so frustrating. I have read lots of comments on various articles where parents are poo pooing the negative stuff about this vaccine and saying that they would still rather their child suffer these symptoms than die of cervical cancer which I find a ridiculous thing to say. For a start, not having the vaccine doesn't mean they will get cancer, if they do get cancer there's a good chance it can be treated and also they clearly have no idea what a miserable existence it is with a chronic and debilitating illness!!! I wouldn't wish something like that on anyone let alone my kids.

...and next we have the flab jab coming our way :-( You couldn't make it up !

Just googled that, unbelievable!!

My youngest 2 have had it and it was their choice.

HpV vaccine gives protection to three papilloma virus but there are upto 40 to 50 different ones that can cause a cancer.

I think it's wrong young ones are intimidated they will get a cancer. How about safe sex? Good old condoms work quite well. Recommend to use while oral sex as HPV causes oral cancer as well.

How about educating the kids that even though we have the freedom to express ourselves sexually it's better to stick with less partners as for example the bacteria in vajayjay (:P thanks oprah) changes if we have unprotected sex with multiple partners. In long term relationship ship the bacteria will settle eventually. But that recurring unbalance of bacteria ain't healthy either it's an small infection and that itself can trigger cancer cells, we do not know that for sure, do we?

There are several different type of bacteria you can run into by just having sex and it's not just those we know. Mycobacteria can infect your lungs but your pelvic area too, causing not just uncomfortable feeling but miscarriages.

Sorry for ranting lol and not blaming you NatChap! But telling kids they could have cancer if they do not take the vaccine also gives them false security that taking it solves it all!

If the vaccine only protects from fraction of viruses I would think more than twice.

That vaccine has apparently caused an epidemic of mysterious illness over here in finland, Sweden, Denmark and norway. Most cases in Denmark where young healthy people suddenly suffer from POTS, CFS and so on.

Justiina I completely agree but whilst I can put my daughter off having it at the moment, technically she go and ask for it whenever she wants and get it without my consent. I worry that unless she reads enough to change her mind on it, she will get it when she's a bit older. The problem is that for every article against it, there are endless more saying it's safe and necessary :-(

Unfortunately that is true , they push it really hard and ignore negative things.

All you can do is ask her not to hurry with it as while time passes there might be more information available.

If less than 1% of population gets the cancer it's not very big risk. Over here in finland 0,06 % of women get cervical cancer.

In Europe certain strain of HPV is pretty much not even existing. Strain 16 and 18 so if vaccine contains these strains it's useless.

So you should look into which type of vaccine she is offered and is it any use at all!

NatChap I would show her Justiina's post. Am sure that might make her think. Hope you manage to get through to your daughter. Am grateful this vaccine was not around when my daughter was at that age.

I think I will have another chat with her. We have discussed several times already and she will agree it's not a good idea but then a month or so later will tell me she's worrying about it again. I think she convinces herself that without it she will get cancer, which I need to try and get through to her, just isn't true.

All you can do is keep reasoning with her. Try an get her to wait for a while if you can. Wish you good luck.

Thanks :-)


My daughteris 14 and I although I didn't want her to have the vaccination, I also wanted her to be able to make her own choice, without being influenced by me. She opted to not have the vaccine (thankfully) and I am happy with our choice.

Hi I am hoping that this link about HPV still works...Ty Bollinger The Truth about Vaccines


Paste it in your address bar and see...

My take is HPV is to be avoided! Regular screening if there is a genetic predisposition.

It's not available anymore :-(

I once knew the Doc who whilst in training - was doing the rounds with his Professor in the Womens Hospital in Birmingham. As there were so many with Cervical cancer - he asked if it was due to a virus/bacteria. He was of course admonished on the spot. Further research confirmed the Papilloma Virus - from the French word for Butterfly - Papillon - a creature that flits from flower to flower 😊😊

The rest of his story is also interesting - but too long for me to write here.

And yet it was only within the last, maybe 5 or 6 years that I found out it was caused by a virus. Girls need to be educated not jabbed!!!

I think the pill has a lot to answer for 😊 Of course so much more freedom for women - but at a price.

Oh gosh that sounds very 60's - as there are so many other methods in addition to the pill ....

It is the male that carries the virus btw - so do encourage your girls to ensure protection is used.

I think I would be asking for a Health Check before embarking on an active sex life. Thank god I'm 70 .... and apart from when doing yoga - I keep my legs crossed and my options open 😊😊

Lots of LOL :-) my yoga will never be the same!

Thanks for your input everyone, you have reassured me I'm not being silly for being worried :-) xxx

Hello, I'm writing from the other side, not to influence you in any way but just for you to consider.

When I was 34 my brilliant and intuitive GP suspected cancer of the cervix. Although I was too young to be allowed the smear test he got round the age bit and my result came back as, like millions of women, some cell changes but nothing to worry about. GP referred me to the colposcopy clinic saying he'd get his friend to see me quickly, again just a gut reaction, there were no indicators. The surgeon found cancer and told me I could either have surgery there and then without GA, just local, or return the following day and have it under GA. Becuse the cancer had progressed so fast the surgeon told me he did not know if they would be able to save me. I needed a hysterectomy. Luckily I knew the gynaecologist and he operated the day after returning from holiday. So, in my case, because the first surgeon was my GPs friend and the second one someone I knew I am still alive, nearly 30 years on.

All that said ... my own daughters have not had the vaccination, despite remembering all this, and I did not even suggest they did.

It's one of those situations where you just can't know which decision would be right for your daughters and neither can they, I feel for you.

unbelievable what people will believe without any research.

Diane Harper, MD, Professor and Vice Chair, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Community and Family Medicine and Informatics and Personalized Medicine, who conducted the phase 2 and phase 3 trials for Gardasil, authoring their publications, in developed countries such as the US, which have regular Pap screening programs in place, the HPV vaccine will do little to decrease the already very small cancer rate.

she contimues, , the estimated rate of reported serious adverse events from Gardasil is 3.34/100 doses distributed. This rate is higher than the death rate from cervical cancer in the US which stands at 2.4/100 women (according to CDC statistics, 15).

So more harm being done and no certainty that in 5 -10 years time the vaccine will be of any use as the virus may well have mutated.

Why would anyone in their right mind take it. Go figger.

Drugs and Vaccines cause side effects. Some which are spotted, some misdiagnosed and therefore lead to another false diagnosis which comes with another dangerous drug which has side effects etcetc. and some side effects are ignored.

Those who have read BadPharma by Dr Ben Goldacre, ex health writer for the Guardian will know that for many drugs the information the doctor receives from the Pharmaceutical Company is false. Principally because it omits studies which show the drug to have been ineffective or even dangerous. In other words the Pharmaceutical Co who produced it only showed positive results.

But how could a drug show both positive and negative results? Easy. Take an example.

Imagine if a scientist did a study of cigarette smoking that lasted 3 months. He could safely claim

that during the time the subject was smoking 3 months there were no bad effects.

Then take another scientist who did long term studies over 10 or 20 years he might have a very different story to tell namely that there was damaged to the lungs to the mouth etc. a third scientist

tested subjects who had been smoking for 40 years he may well find serious problems with the lungs like cancer and other results arising from prolonged use.

So whatever the drug, vaccine, etc what are the short and long term effects. Have the drug

company decided that a short study was all that was needed? And then when the drug is out and

for sale the side effects start occurring after a year. So for many drugs the doctor hasn't a clue

what the long term effects will be!!! Yet he-she prescribes in the belief its in the patients best

interest and anyway they are getting a bonus for prescribing.

But what about the regulators? Aren't they supposed to be regulating? Aren't doctors supposed to be making returns of side effects to the regulator? They are but they don't ?

A good example, one of many was the drug Vioxx. This drug killed at least 60,000 people and seriously injured another 120,000 and likely even more. huffingtonpost.com/dr-peter...

How you may wonder could a drug kill 60,000 people and maim another 120,000 more have been

passed as safe for use by the FDA the Food and Drug Administration? Is it because the boss

of the FDA had been offered some inducement to say that the drug was ok. Like a very

high paying job with all the perks after he had finished his work with the FDA ?

But isn't that murder? Yes. But if the press writes it up as a marketing blunder then most people will just not bother to read any further unless marketing is their business.

And so these sort of things are happening all the time in the health service wherever you go.

There are any amount of scandals to do with Pharmaceutical Cos and doctors as Marcia

Agnell MD ex editor of the hugely influential medical journal the New England Journal of Medicine pointed out before she resigned from her post. She blames doctors more than Pharmaceutical Cos. see her book The Truth about Drug Companies, How they deceive Us, and What to do about it.

Caveat Emptor, Buyer beware.

C4 Dispatches is screening their vaccine episode on Mon 8th May 2017 which, I expect, will be biased and inaccurate. πŸ€”

Leave your Comments on this page -


NatChap I had it around 6 years ago I didn't know it was linked to autoimmune disorders. I now think I'm on my way to hashi's as people in the thyroid group have told me but my gp just tells me it's ibs and anxiety caused by stress ( my aunt, nan and great nan all have thyroid disorders too)

I'm sorry to hear that but it's interesting to know, thank you xxx

7.40pm and for 3 mins C4 spun their bias re vaccines (during C4 News) and advertised their Dispatches 'investigation' that was to be screened at 8pm. They are increasingly resembling the BBC. In Dispatches they even said that Gardasil/HPV vaccine is one of the safest vaccines around.

C4 comments/complaints -

020 7396 4444

Big Pharma doctor's admission -


Have a look at the stories on Vaxxed.com website, or if you have Roku the channel PEEPSTV. Also Dr Sherri Tenpenny on YouTube - she is an expert. If anyone would like any more information message me.

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