What about the flu vaccine?

I am sure this topic has been done but i havent seen anything lately. I did try once a few years ago and didn't get on very we'll with it. Last feb. I had a really nasty bought od flu which let me away from work for 3 weeks. Everyone is encouraging me to take the vaccine but i don't know how it is with auto immune disease. Even what i have read on the web hasnt helped much as there are those Who are for and against and are already biased. My Doctor knows nothing, would gladly give it to me and that's that. Help please!

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  • healthunlocked.com/search/f...

    Also includes your post :-)

    How are your VitD levels ? Best to have those at the top of the range.....

  • Will do....actually am going off to the Sun tomorrow and in jan. So that should help.....but winter is long and predictable

  • Well I've had the flu jab for the last few years as medication I am on has suppressed my immune system and I am at risk of serious infection if I catch flu, pneumonia etc, so I've had mine already, in September actually. I used to always have the flu jab whilst I was nursing but the year I was pregnant with my youngest son I didnt. There was a pandemic that year, my middle son who was 3 caught it and was very poorly, and I caught it at 5 months pregnant and was also very unwell. Studies around that time showed that children born to women who caught flu in pregnancy had a higher risk of mental illness. The son who I was pregnant with at the time now suffers with depression. Maybe it's a coincidence, but who knows? So I wish I had had the flu jab that year because it may have saved such a lot of heartache and misery. Clemmie

  • Thank you for that...what a sad story

  • Barrister, has your son been tested for hypothyroidism? It runs in families, and as I'm sure you know, depression is but one of the many symptoms of hypoT.

  • ..I too was thinking the same as jazzw...... :-)

  • I'm not sure whether he has been tested. He also suffers from chronic migraines meaning he has them every day. I'm going to encourage him to get tested whilst I'm at home. I suspect that he was tested a few years ago but don't know that we were ever given the results. Clemmie

  • Migraines can be caused by lack of certain vitamins, it would be well worth while googling some research on this and have a close look at your son's diet, there is usually something along these lines contributing to the condition.

  • Hi Mikiviki, I've had the flu jab for years now,and I'm on no end of medication. As for illness ive got, Underactive Thyroid,Rheumatoid Athritis, Osteoporosis, and the one I mainly have the flu jab for is Ephesema. I can honestly say I've never had a problem with it,I was on a life support machine about 5yrs ago with a seriouse Chest infection, and I Beleive if I hadn't had the flu jab I would have had pneumonia, and I wouldn't be writing this now. Also I haven't had even so much as a cold since then (touch wood ) surely your GP would advice you. Good Luck

  • I don't trust my g.p. I have Hashimoto's and he advised me to take iodine. I do get lodasse of winter virus' though whilst during the summer i am fine. I read an article ( can't remember exactly when) advising patients with auto immune disease to take precautions. I had a jab once and felt il for four months. However i have been so suscettibile to viruses lately i wonderful if it was ok. I teach so i am very exposed to what ever's going round...thanks

  • Do you think the last time you had the flu jab and you were ill. could that have been just a coincidence or was it proven to be the flu jab. I can understand with you teaching you can pick up anything, which is why it's really worth looking into Haveing it. Is there another medic that you could talk to?

  • It could be coincidence of course but it was enough to put me off. Now i am getting repeated winter infections. Maybe its worth giving it a go

  • Well I personally can't see it doing you any harm,but I'm not a medic,but the only way your going to find out if it made you Ill once before is to have it again. The reason I said could it be a coincidence is because I have a friend who once had the flu jab then had a really bad cold. At the time I had a really good GP and I asked him if it could give you a cold or flu and he just laugh at me and said if either happened after the jab it would just be coincidence. But also its just a precaution its not 100% that you won't get a cold or flu. But I swear by it.My son works in the care system and he has the flu jab and he hasn't even had a cold in the last 6yrs. Sorry to have gone on so long. Good Luck

  • I had avoided the flu jab up to the last two years as a Occ.Health NHS consultant would not have it ( I think she mentioned chance of Guillaime Barre syndrome) and I noticed that other medics and nurses were less keen then clerical staff!

    Still had no problems this year ,but now been invited for pneumonia jab ,as over 65, no doubt another tick box money earner for docs. What to do .............

  • Go for it.

  • Thank you so much. I am away now but it's not too late. By Xmas I'll give it a go.

  • Personally I think your makeing the right choice. I won't bore you with my health history, but I have Ephesema, and about 5yrs ago I was admitted to Hostpital with a Chest infection I didn't even know I had,and my husband and boys were told I wouldn't see the night through. I Beleive if I hadn't had the Flu Jab and the pneumonia jab, I would of died. Just one more thing,VitC,protects and helps you through a cold/Chest infection, VitD,HELPS prevent, but is mainly important to bone. But not to be petty but my GP tells me you can't get VitD out of a bottle, just from sun and fresh air. Good Luck. Take Care

  • There's no real evidence that the flu jab stops you getting flu. Several Italians died from side effects this year. If it works, just over 1 person of every 100 vaccinated will not get the flu who would have done if not vaccinated - only about 3 people in a 100 get flu each year. Bad colds and flu-like illnesses don't count (and the flu jab doesn't protect against them anyway(. It;s not tested on children, the elderly, pregnant women or sick people, so no one knows what the effects are. In fact, it's probably tested less than any other medication. I've never had flu in nearly 60 years (as far as I know) and I've never had a flu jab (at school I was always allergic to it). Vitamin D is alleged to be more effective as a preventative.

    I have had pneumonia and it wasn't that bad (but I was quite young).

  • Do you realise pneumonia in elderly people is a killer!!!!

  • Oh and it's not Vit D that's effective it's vitC.

  • Those Italians were very elderly,might not have been the jab.

  • Hmm. 13 deaths, around half within 24 hours of the jab. And the elderly are a group that is being targeted for flu jabs. Over 80 isn't "very elderly" and are their lives worth less just because they are old?

    I'd rather not take the chance.

  • Not worth less but more likely to die of other illnesses.

  • Totally agree with you, Angel of the North! I wouldn't have it if you paid me!!!

  • Trouble with the flu vaccine is that while your body is trying to make anti-bodies to the dead virus you can pick up other viruses that are just as bad!!

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