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Hashimotos and HPV Vaccination for my daughter

Your thoughts please.

My 14 year old daughter was diagnosed with Hashimotos. We are still working on the right amount of Euthyrox but she is currently on 100mcg/day. She has had rapid weight gain, she has extreme highs and lows and needs much sleep.

My question. I am holding off on the HPV Vaccination as I have read that many countries are backing away from it the latest being Japan.

I have read that it can have adverse, long-lasting and sometimes permanent side effects on girls with a fragile immune system?

Any feedback is most welcome! Thank you

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I would not go there - I have read so much bad stuff about the vaccine and there are several lawsuits going on in America already. How did we manage before ? I think your instincts as a Mum are best. Another money spinning exercise for Big Pharma - preying on the fears of parents. Trying to make you feel guilty for not having your daughter vaccinated is a criminal tactic.....

The papilloma virus ( not sure of spelling !! ) is carried by the male I believe - so practising safe sex is possibly a better option !


Marz thank you so much for your prompt reply. I think the UK needs to get its act together and lower the age of screening.

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Check out dr tents videos on youtube or watch In Lies We Trust and you will never have another vaccine again if you value your health


AFAIK HPV vaccine only protects against a couple of virus strains - not the most common or nastiest and can have very bad side effects. Also that it wears off just as most youngsters are becoming sexually active. We don't even know that it works as there hasn't been a whole vaccinated generation of girls - teach her about condoms and protect her against STDs as well.


Absolutely! And thank you for your feedback.


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