Most recent blood results

Comment on the form is 'prominent thyroid' - test taken 11.30am


TSH 1.19 (0.35-3.5)

FT4 11 (8-21)

No FT3

Ferritin 57 (23-300)

B12 & serum folate

B12 - 391 (130-1100)

Serum Folate 5.3 (2.7-15)

Comment low B12

Anti-thyroid Peroxidase antibody 15.7 (0-34)

wbc 5 (4-10.00)

Rbc 4.67 (3.8-4.8)

Hb 130 (120-150)

Hct 0.383 (0.36-0.46)

MCV 82 (83-101)

MCH 27.8 (27-32)

Platelets 270 (150-410)

Neutrophils 2.5 (2.0-7.0)

Lymphocytes 2.01 (1.0-3.0)

Monocytes 0.25 (0.20-1.00)

Eosinophils 0.21 (0.02-0.5)

Basophils 0.03 (0.00-0.1)

MCV was highlighted as low.

Is anyone able to decipher these for me please?

I have ticked so many of the symptoms on the Thyroid UK 'checklist' - but I hurt from head to foot, esp hips and feet, puffy all over, utterly exhausted, scalp / hair follicles hurt, mind is to pot (way worse than baby brain!!) - have a maths degree yet can no longer problem solve nor solve simple calculations (sooo annoying), gained 3 stone singe 2015 for no good reason and since December have been on a diet - and gained 1/2 stone more......

Thanks in advance for any help or guidance - phone consultation on 9th May......


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  • Would anyone with way more knowledge and experience be able to comment on my blood results, please? Thanks in advance.

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