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i need help with thyroid-s

good morning. (in australia)

at last i got my order of thyrod-s it has taken exatly 4 weeks to arrive by courier.

my question: how much shall i take? it is tyroid extract 60mg.

i am on 50 mcg eutrosig (t4) And 40mcg t3 teroxine. i am fuction on it, but dont feel right. i think because of the high dosis of t3 i lost 5kg. but because my GP wasnt very happy with the blood results, he changed my dosis. i only reduced the t3 to 35mcg and in that week i put on 2kg!! now i am back on 40mcg of t3.

should i stard with 1 thyroid-s for 3 weeks and then 1.5??

thyroid-s = T3 -9mg + T4 -38mg

thank you for you answers


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Bestcto stop with one then go over to the other but a very low dose. Don't forget you still have a store of T4 in your body so still producing your medication but your body needs to get used to the T3 in the thyroid S so as the stored goes down then the new meds slowly increases do you won't find it too much of a problem. I was very cautious and started on half a grain instead of splitting a grain over each day but your body will tell you when to increase. Thy 3 weeks butvi think I ended up doing two weeks. When you are up to two grains then increase by quarters as it's very easy to over shoot! Remember being slightly over and slightly under feel very similar so if in doubt drop back a quarter and if you feel better after a few weeks then you were over but if no better then go backto your last dose for a couple of weeks then try adding a little.

My only problem was I kept forgetting the second dose! So after my body got used to the T3 I took the whole dose in the morning and couldn't really tell the difference.

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thanks silverfox

becourse I don't convert t4 to t3 i have the tertroxine.

do you think i should take 20mcg of the tertroxine t3 and half a tablet thyroid-s? and later take the whole thyroid-s?

i only get 9mg of t3 , 38mg of t4 in the thyroid-s, that looks undermedicated .



it came to me this morning......Thyroid-s is a NDT and is counted different, sorry, brain-fog keeps me from thinking reasonable.

i will start tomorrow and take only my t3 for a week to start with and then see how i feel. then i start with 1/2 Thyroid-s. or is it really better to take 1/4 of the thyroid-s for one week and then go up 1/4 at the time?


Wouldn't you be better addressing your bad conversion first? What you have decided to do has lost me so I don't feel I can comment on that but I wasn't converting properly before I started but took about 6 months addressing that first. Have you had B12, Vit D, folate and Ferritin tested. They are very necessary for the Thyroid to convert the T4 to T3 -and we are often very low in them so I supplement. I was only taking Levo (T4) at this point but tests showed I was very low in all but Ferritin I think it was. So I added supplements, one at a time so to be sure nothing was upsetting me. After about 6 months I feel really good and my conversation was almost spot on but I had started my thyroid journey on NDT neatly 30 years ago and preferred it though it was. Allied extract then.

I had also read that some thought Thyroid S was slightly heavy on T3 so my logic was to have that as tgecvery small extra T3 may compleat my very slight deficiency. Not sure whether that 'logic' was correct but it worked for me but I still take maintenance doses of the supplements otherwise they deplete again and I would slip back to where I was before.

So that would be my recommended route and I'm happy with it. But then I've been told to correct the problem first then take it from there so I don't feel I am in a position to comment on what you are intending to do. All I can say is this was my journey and it worked for me.

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sorry silverfox, i forgot to answer your very helpfull last answer. i did actual answer my mind, just forgot to put it into writing.

i am now on 40 mcg of tertroxine and 1 of the thyroid-s. i feel wonderfull just havend got enough motivation to do my daily chores :-/

i had to change my pills after the last blood test, because my doc said so, but lots of symptoms came back and after 2 weeks i went back to the former regime.

i will have two new bloodtest to show in here in june one from my doc and one i pay for privately.

till then.

thank you silverfox for your help.


upps, and yes, i take all the needed vitamins in the high dosis to start with.

i take a lot, that is why i, this time, pay for some of my bloodtest privatly. it will cost me way over $300 because the GP wouldnt do it now, only once a year. (that'll be next october) after that i will adjust my vitamins . i get the THS the t3 and t4, also the vit d from our medicare, the rest i have to pay myself.



I daren't work out what I spend on 'extras'! But I do hope things work out for you!

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